What Security Measures Are In Place At Shared Office Spaces In NYC?

July 03, 2023 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Shared office spaces in NYC use many security measures to keep occupants safe, including on-site security, network security and alarm monitoring. Sharing office space in NYC can be a fantastic solution for business owners and startups to save some money, but security remains a vital concern. When sharing an office in NYC, whether through a coworking space or a shared lease agreement, protecting your employees, company property and proprietary or sensitive data are crucial.

If your shared coworking space doesn’t provide a robust security package, you may find that your workspace becomes a liability. Thankfully, virtually all shared office space solutions in NYC provide security, but each offers varying levels of security. Below are some security considerations before signing a contract for shared office space or a coworking space in NYC:

What Are the Most Common Security Measures in Place at Shared Office Spaces in NYC?

Sharing office space in NYC usually means that your property management company will provide security to one degree or another. Some coworking spaces provide access to stronger security than others, so you will want to evaluate on-site and network security solutions provided by any shared office space your company is considering in NYC.

Below are some of the most common types of security offered by coworking spaces and shared offices in NYC:

Offices Provide Access Control with Key Cards/Fobs for Each Occupant

Controlled access to office space is important, especially in a highly-populated area like NYC. Property managers of shared office spaces usually provide some type of access control via a key card or key fob.

These items are used to check the credentials of each person before they are allowed access to an office building or various areas of a coworking space. Additionally, key cards and fobs can register the time, date and location of an entry, allowing for a security record to be created each time someone accesses an area of a shared office space.

Shared Office Security Measures Are Monitored Using CCTV Surveillance

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance is often employed at shared office buildings in NYC to monitor on-site activity. These systems can also be used to identify authorized personnel to provide remote access if a key card or fob is misplaced, but they can also identify potential threats and trigger calls to the police.

As an added benefit, CCTV security cameras can record criminal activity. This allows law enforcement to obtain footage after the fact to find and arrest perpetrators. If ongoing suspicious activity is noticed around a shared office space, CCTV recordings can be turned over to the authorities who may step up patrols and police presence in the area. This can result in a safe work environment for everyone in a shared office space.

Office Alarm Systems Send Alerts in Case of Trouble

Most shared office spaces in NYC incorporate various alarms to warn of trouble. Smoke and fire alarms can let occupants know if serious danger is imminent, but carbon monoxide and flood alarms can also signal that trouble could be brewing. In some cases, alarm systems can be connected to a building’s networking infrastructure to send out alerts via text or smartphone notification in the event of an emergency.

Shared Offices Provide Secure Locks and Storage Areas

Business owners can also keep proprietary documents and data hardware in storage to protect them from damage or loss. Secure locks on doors and secured storage areas are a must for protecting valuable equipment as well as company files.

Many shared office spaces in NYC offer dedicated secure storage rooms for each occupant. In the case of shared storage, most areas are partitioned in a secure manner to keep each occupant’s property separate.

Many Shared Offices Employ On-site Security Personnel and Guards

On-site security personnel may also be present at some coworking spaces in NYC. Security guards act as a deterrent to criminal activity, and in some cases, they can intervene to stop crime or identify perpetrators. Many security officers employed by shared office spaces are also trained to respond to medical emergencies and can render first aid, including CPR.

It should be noted that most common security personnel in NYC are not law enforcement officers, so they may be limited in their legal authority; however, even the presence of physical security is often enough to keep shared office spaces free of crime.

Advanced Visitor Management Systems Track Who is On Site

Coworking spaces and shared offices typically use visitor management systems to track who is on site. In conjunction with key cards and fobs, these systems register who comes into and goes out of which areas of a shared office building, creating a record that can be examined later.

This is not only good for general security, but it can also help to ensure that former employees and other unauthorized individuals do not gain access to an office space. Generally, a property management company that oversees a shared office building will create an overall visitor management policy, but occupants may be allowed to create their own guidelines as well.

Most NYC Shared Offices Use Secure Network Infrastructure Solutions

For shared offices and coworking spaces that provide access to networking infrastructure solutions, data security is a must. Failure to secure network infrastructure can result in data breaches, data theft and unauthorized access to proprietary data. To make matters worse, stolen data can be used to compromise a company or its customers, potentially leading to lawsuits.

This is why shared office spaces in NYC use secure networking protocols and equipment, including VPNs, advanced firewall solutions and anti-virus software that also protects against phishing scams and other forms of digital attack. You will want to discuss the networking needs of your business before partnering with a property management company for shared office space to ensure that your equipment and systems are not hindered by the security protocols your shared office space employs.

Shared Offices in NYC Provide Emergency Preparedness Planning

Most shared office space property management companies will also provide occupants with emergency preparedness planning materials. These materials may include standard operating procedures (SOPs) to follow in the event of an emergency, and they will generally list points of contact to reach out to in case of questions.

An emergency preparedness SOP manual can also play a part in securing data in the event that the building’s network is breached from a high level. The information contained in an emergency preparedness SOP can go a long way in securing data and protecting occupants and their customers.

NYC Coworking Spaces and Shared Offices Offer Secure Storage for Personal Belongings

Secure personal storage is another important aspect of working in a shared office. Things get misplaced, desks get cluttered, and before long, personal items end up missing. With secure storage for personal belongings, employees can put their things in designated lockers or locked and marked containers that can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

A Shared Office Will Conduct Regular Security Assessments

Even in the most secure coworking space or shared office in NYC, it’s still important for property managers to engage in ongoing security assessments. These are audits of existing security plans, and they may incorporate emerging security threats as well as factor in security incidents that have occurred since the last assessment.

Occupants of shared office space benefit from regular security assessments because these are usually times when property managers ask for feedback. You can use these opportunities to raise concerns about anything that has been presented as a security threat or risk. Property managers can then incorporate this feedback into improved emergency preparedness planning.

Many Shared Offices Spaces Use Social Distancing Protocols for Added Security

Even though Covid-19 is not nearly as large of a threat today as it was in the past, healthcare concerns can still be a challenge in shared office spaces. Many NYC coworking spaces utilize social distancing guidelines to help prevent the spread of disease, and some may enforce a mask policy.

These kinds of actions can create a more secure shared office space by limiting contact between occupants. Social distancing in any kind of confined area may slow down the spread of germs and keep everyone healthier. You will need to consider the individual factors that affect your workforce in deciding whether social distancing guidelines make sense for the needs of your employees.

Shared Offices Focus on Maintaining Square Footage Requirements to Prevent Overcrowding

NYC can be a crowded place, and coworking spaces in NYC are no exception to the dense population of the city. In order to maintain safety, most shared office spaces focus on maintaining square footage requirements to prevent overcrowding. In the event of a security threat, an overcrowded indoor workspace can become dangerous as large numbers of people all try to exit the building at once. This can contribute to injuries and even death due to trampling.

Security Guards and Other Staffing Solutions Are Employed by Shared Offices in NYC

Security guards and other on-site representatives of a coworking property can be very helpful in keeping the peace in a shared office environment. While these representatives aren’t police unless otherwise documented by the property management company, they can provide helpful guidance regarding office policies, directions, contact information and more.

Shared Office Owners Evaluate the Level of Insurance Available for Business Owners

Owners of shared office space can also offer security through the evaluation of the level of insurance available for business owners. Maintaining the right level of business insurance coverage plays a huge role in receiving compensation after a security threat like a fire or flood harms company property or data.

You will need to work with your shared office manager and your business insurance provider representative to ensure that your business is covered at the right amount for your company’s individual needs. Although the owner of your coworking space may carry business insurance, you may need supplemental business insurance of your own based on the nature of your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before leasing a shared office space or moving into a coworking space in NYC, it’s always a good idea to do your homework first. Your security and the security of your company’s data depend on making educated, informed decisions.

Below are some common questions and answers about what security measures are in place at shared office spaces in NYC:

Do coworking spaces have secure WiFi?

Almost all coworking spaces in NYC have secure WiFi. In an area like NYC, secure WiFi is vital since the potential for unauthorized access from the street or a neighboring office is so high. Business owners who lease office space or share a coworking space can expect to be issued secure login credentials in order to access an office’s network.

What is a workplace security plan?

A workplace security plan is a set of standards used to respond to security events. This plan may include specific guidelines for dealing with on-site security threats, health emergencies, inclement weather events and more.

A workplace security plan may also provide generalized security information about basic rules and regulations for business owners, employees and visitors to use while working on-site or when accessing equipment and networks owned by the property management company.

What is the most secure WiFi for work?

WiFI security is available through a number of protocols, but Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) is the most common and advanced. In terms of WiFi security in a shared office environment, WPA3 is the current standard and has been in use since 2018. New protocols are developed from time to time, so it’s a good idea to check with your property manager to determine if your shared office network uses the latest security protocols.

How secure is guest WiFi?

Guest WiFi is usually set up as a separate network for guests and visitors to use. Most shared offices in NYC provide dedicated networks for business owners and their employees to use while on-site.

Guest networks may be more vulnerable to data breaches depending on how they are set up, so you’re encouraged to work with your property manager to determine if a dedicated secure network is available if you plan to access or send any sensitive data over WiFi in a shared office environment. In any case, you need to have some type of secured network for your company’s communications. Public WiFi is not a good alternative.

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