Covid19 - Corporate Suites

COVID-19 workplace changes that keep our members, employees and visitors healthy and safe.

Corporate Suites has instituted new rules, procedures and changes to provide the safest workplace environment to our community members and guests. Below are some of our initiatives:
  • Facemasks required in all common areas
  • Social distancing required all common areas
  • Designated entrance and exit points
  • Limited capacity passenger elevators
  • Limited access to deliveries and messengers
  • Bike parking available
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout public areas and in all heavy use spaces
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting multiple times daily
  • Vapor barriers on every reception desk with designated areas for pick-ups and deliveries
  • Limited Seating in Common Areas
  • Tissues throughout the space
  • Complimentary PPE
  • Complimentary Cleaning Supplies
  • Laser Forehead Temperature Sensors Available
  • All Shared Spaces Disinfected between Uses - Conference Room, Day Office and Phone Booths
  • Clean desk policy to allow for enhanced disinfection of desk surfaces
  • All mail handled with gloves
  • Video Conferencing Capability in All Conference Rooms
  • Vapor Barriers between Desks Available
  • Constant communication with employees and clients
Social Distancing
Social Distancing
Face Masks
Face Masks
Bicycle Parking
Bicycle Parking
Enhanced Cleaning
Enhanced Cleaning
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer
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