Top Recommended Virtual Office in NYC

March 13, 2023 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Corporate Suites is the most highly recommended virtual office in New York City.

With our vast range of services, including mail forwarding, meeting rooms, and administrative support, Corporate Suites is the perfect choice for businesses that need to maintain an image of professionalism and presence in NYC without investing in expensive physical office space.

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, Corporate Suites will make sure your business looks professional and provides all the amenities you need for success.

What Are Virtual Offices?

Virtual offices are revolutionizing how businesses operate by providing an office space that is both cost-effective and convenient. 

Through the use of various online tools, virtual offices offer employees the ability to work remotely while still accessing essential business resources such as meeting rooms, administrative services, mail handling, and other key collaborative software. 

With many advantages and much lower overhead than traditional office settings, utilizing virtual offices is becoming increasingly popular among companies.

Virtual Offices in NYC – The Benefits

Working in a virtual office in NYC provides plenty of advantages, enabling entrepreneurs and business owners to work in the Big Apple while avoiding the costs associated with a traditional office. 

Instead of paying rent for a physical workspace, workers are free to use and access any of the metropolitan area’s top co-working places, libraries, and other public spaces. 

Furthermore, virtual offices offer features such as a local mailing address, which enhances credibility and trustworthiness while expanding networking opportunities and resources. Having access to conference rooms throughout the city provides plenty of flexibility when meeting with clients and colleagues. 

Why Corporate Suites Are the Best Virtual Offices in NYC

When it comes to the best virtual office in NYC, Corporate Suites is your go-to choice. Their wide range of services makes them an excellent option for businesses needing a professional presence in the city without investing in expensive physical office space. 

With mail forwarding services, meeting and conference rooms, administrative support, and more, Corporate Suites is the perfect choice for businesses who want a virtual office in NYC.

Our Story

Corporate Suites has been in business for over 20 years. We provide businesses of all sizes with the services and amenities needed to maintain a professional presence while catering to various budgets and scalability needs. 

Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in providing quality service to customers, making us the perfect choice for virtual offices in NYC.

Corporate Suites – Services

Corporate Suites offers a wide range of services for businesses looking to establish a virtual office in NYC. Services include mail forwarding, meeting and conference rooms, administrative support, and more.

The Perks

Corporate Suites offers a variety of features and amenities that make their virtual office services stand out. Our professional staff provides top-notch service to customers, while their mail forwarding and administrative support services take the burden off your shoulders. 

You can also use their meeting and conference rooms for presentations or discussions with potential clients or partners.

An NYC Address

A great feature of Corporate Suites is their prime NYC business addresses. You can list these on your website and other materials, giving your business the appearance of having a physical presence in the city. 

We Offer Mail Handling Services

Corporate Suites offers three convenient mail-handling options for businesses establishing a virtual office in NYC. All three of these options are available for all packages.

Physically Collect Your Mail

If you’d rather collect your mail from your new address, Corporate Suites has you covered. You can easily pick up your mail at the location of your business address. 

Sign Up for Weekly Mail Forwarding

If you prefer, Corporate Suites also offers the option of weekly mail forwarding with USPS or FedEx. 

Have Your Mail Scanned and Sent to Your Email

We offer the option of mail scanning to your email. This is a great way to stay on top of necessary documents without leaving your office or waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

On-Demand Physical Offices

CS can deliver on-demand meeting rooms and day office rentals for businesses that need more space than just a virtual office in NYC. 

These services allow you to host presentations or meetings with colleagues and clients without worrying about finding a suitable venue.

You’ll Receive a Local Phone Number

Virtual office plans offer the option of using a local phone number if you’d like to receive calls from clients or partners. This allows you to provide potential customers with an NYC telephone number without purchasing one yourself.

Have Voicemails Sent Directly to Email

You can stay on top of important messages even when your office is closed.

Have Your Calls Forwarded

Our service allows you to forward calls from your office line to any other number and stay connected with clients and customers no matter where you are.

Our Receptionists Answer and Screen Calls During Business Hours

For businesses looking for an extra layer of service, Corporate Suites offers reception services to answer and screen your calls during business hours. 

Receive Faxes to Local Numbers

In addition to receiving calls, Corporate Suites also allows businesses to receive faxes to a unique local phone number. This provides customers with an easy way to send documents.

You Can Use Our Offices

We offer office usage services, including printing, scanning, and copying documents. CS also provides coffee service.

We’ve Got Meeting Rooms, Too

Corporate Suites also offers meeting room usage services for businesses that need more space than just a virtual office in NYC. You can host presentations or meetings with clients and colleagues without worrying about finding the right venue.

Attractive Pricing

Pricing starts with our Silver Package, starting at just $89 a month. The Gold Package is our most popular option, with plans starting at $109 a month. Finally, the Platinum Package is $269 and covers a range of features only available as add-ons to the other plans.

All plans offer a free 30-day trial.

We Are Where You Want to Be

Corporate Suites has several convenient locations throughout NYC, making finding the right office space for your business easy.

Lexington Ave. – Midtown East Location

If you want to work near the East River with Starbucks on-site, this is the best spot for you.

Third Ave. – Midtown East Location

This site has it all. Banking, food, coffee, mailing, and even a nearby pharmacy.

The Rockefeller Center – Avenue of Americas

A block away from Times Square? When you need an office that’s at the center of everything the city has to offer, you’ll want to work from this location.

Park Avenue – Park Avenue South

If you want to work from a skyscraper, this office is for you.

Comparing Amenities

Several businesses are offering virtual offices in New York City. Some of them are even cheaper than Corporate Suites!

But you get what you pay for.

No other company in the city can match our pricing and our service quality. 

Many look budget-friendly on paper but contain hidden fees that actually make their sub-par services more expensive. Make sure to read the fine print before you sign anything. And if they don’t offer a free trial as we do, then don’t waste your time.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Diane Pryor – “Clean facility located right in front of the subway. Great support staff as well. Our small team is happy here.”

T Lancia – “I am a longtime Corporate Suites client.  I moved here from another Corporate Suites location about eight months ago because I wanted to move my office to a more convenient spot.  Nancy Lee Vega and her crew took care of the whole move and it went flawlessly.  Now I get immediate and excellent service at the front desk from Priscilla and John, who are not only fast, but highly personable as well.  The atmosphere is comfortable, businesslike, contemporary and respectful.  Highly recommended.”

Gary Oberoi – “I’ve been a tenant for 6 or so months and the staff (Nancy) and the cleaning crew do a great job in keeping the suites and space spick and span not to mention running like a well oiled machine. The space is beautiful and modern.

They have some good deals and I picked them after visiting 3-4 others corporate / executive suites spaces. Very happy with their service and I highly recommend them.

How to Find the Best Virtual Office in NYC

With all the options available, you’ll need to research and decide what features are most important when selecting a virtual office. 

Start by considering what type of services you will need. 

Be sure to read online reviews from other companies using each space, as they often provide valuable insight into another’s experience with a particular virtual office provider. 

Lastly, compare prices and ensure you get the most bang for your buck without cutting corners on features that could benefit your operations.

Virtual Offices – What Will I Get?

A virtual office provides businesses with many of the benefits of a conventional office without renting or purchasing physical space. 

All services can be included, from access to business support tools and administrative help to an exclusive business address in a sought-after area perfect for online marketing. You’ll also get the advantage of mail handling, telephone answering, and even access to luxurious executive suite workspace should you need it. 

Know What You Need

Before you decide on a virtual office in NYC, consider all the features and amenities that are important to you. Do you need a physical space for meetings? Is it important to have access to business support services or administrative help? Would you prefer an exclusive address for online marketing purposes?

Where Do You Want to Be?

Location is also essential when choosing a virtual office in NYC. Ensure the provider has convenient locations for you and your clients. Corporate Suites will have multiple locations to choose from if you are looking for something downtown. 

Hone in on the Top Choices

Look for virtual office providers that offer all the amenities you need with reasonable pricing. Also, examine the provider’s reputation and customer service record.

What Services Interest You?

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s time to decide which services you need.

Who Will Give You Access to Physical Offices?

Sure, you might be getting a great deal on a virtual office, but what about when you need a physical meeting space? If you’re just getting your new business off the ground, it’s only a matter of time before it’s necessary.

What About Meeting Rooms?

Look for services that offer state-of-the-art tech and luxurious furnishings to ensure your meetings are productive and successful.

Choosing Virtual Offices

When searching for a virtual office, many factors must be considered. Make sure you go through all of the following steps one by one to decide which company will offer your business the best service.

The Cost

Look for flexible and affordable options. Can you select a monthly plan? Do they offer add-ons? What about a free trial?

Do You Receive a Business Address

When selecting a virtual office provider, choose a brand offering a decent address. Clients and customers will look up these addresses. They probably won’t do business with a company registered at a brick ranch-style house in Nebraska if it claims to be a legitimate NYC business. 

Local Phone Number

Look for a virtual office in NYC that offers access to 24/7 call forwarding with dedicated business phone lines.

A Great Support Staff

From mail scan services to virtual assistant duties, receptionist services can vary from business to business. Make sure you find exactly what you need before signing up.

Physical Offices

Even startups need access to physical offices on occasion. Along with meeting rooms and private offices. A cheap virtual office company probably won’t be able to fulfill your needs here.

Other Amenities

If you are running a startup or online business, you need high-quality, lightning-fast internet. You’ll want easy access to banking institutions if you’re in finance. If you rely on wining and dining clients, you’ll want to be close to the best restaurants in the city. 

Virtual Office FAQ

How much does a virtual office cost in NYC?

The cost of a virtual office in NYC depends on the type of package you select. Some can be as cheap as $25 a month. But you’ll end up getting very little value.

Is virtual office legal in USA?

Yes, virtual offices are perfectly legal in the United States. They are a common way for companies to conduct business operations without needing to have a physical office space.

How do I choose a virtual office?

When selecting a virtual office provider, consider factors such as location, cost, customer service, and reviews from other customers.

Are virtual offices worth it?

Yes, virtual offices can provide a number of benefits for businesses. They are relatively inexpensive and can help your business look like an established firm with a prestigious address. Additionally, they offer access to support staff, phone lines, and physical space if needed.

Looking for an office in the city? Corporate Suites offers furnished office spaces, virtual offices & conference rooms in several prestigious locations across New York City.