How to Thrive When Working with Different Cultures in the NYC Workplace

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 | Written by Corporate Suites Staff

different cultures within the officeNew York City is a true melting pot, with individuals from all walks of life and from all over the world calling the city home. As more individuals from various backgrounds move to NYC seeking out career opportunities, workplaces have changed to reflect this increased diversity. In fact, New York City workplaces are now more culturally diverse than ever. While this cultural diversity offers many benefits including increased creativity and productivity, this change will likely require a shift in company culture and practices as teams learn to adapt and embrace new coworkers. Read on to learn a few of the many benefits of working with cultural differences in the workplace, as well as tips your team can utilize for working with other cultures.

Benefits of Cultural Differences in the Workplace

Companies that prioritize diversity within their teams will experience a wide variety of benefits of cultural differences in the workplace. The benefits of working with different cultures in the workplace include:

Increased creativity.

You are likely familiar with the saying “sameness breeds sameness.” In companies where employees are generally similar when it comes to life experiences, socioeconomic status, and cultures, you can expect a more limited set of perspectives and ideas when your work calls for problem-solving or tackling business challenges. Cultural differences in the workplace help to avoid a lack of innovation and creativity. Instead, working with other cultures means will give you exposure to individuals that bring more unique, creative, and innovative solutions to the table based on their specific experiences and expertise.

Stronger brand reputation.

The average consumer today highly values diversity, so it is important that your company reflect the community around you and the clientele you hope to build and maintain. Having cultural differences in the workplace demonstrates the inclusive nature of your brand, and will help you build important connections within your industry.

Improves employee morale.

It has been shown that employees thrive in environments they feel are welcoming and inclusive. Therefore, one of the major benefits of working with different cultures is that each member of your team will feel a sense of belonging, and thus a higher level of confidence in their skills and abilities. This confidence will translate into increased productivity and a high level of performance.

Tips for Working with Other Cultures

While the benefits of working with different cultures are clear, many companies are unsure of how to ensure adjust to a more diverse team. To ensure each of your employees feels welcome and values, utilize the following tips for how to respect cultural diversity in the workplace.

Be proactive about fighting stereotypes.

We’ve all been exposed to a variety of cultural stereotypes throughout our lifetime. While some stereotypes are plain silly, others can be seriously harmful and hurtful. To fight stereotyping in the office, consider hosting a cultural awareness day where each employee is invited to share their culture and traditions with coworkers. Not only with this be a fun team-building opportunity, but it is also an effective method for dispelling cultural myths and stereotypes.

Hold Team Building Opportunities.

Working with different cultures in the workplace will only get easier as your employees get to know each other better. The best way to get your team comfortable with cultural differences in the workplace is to host regular team-building opportunities where the various members of your staff can interact with one another. Consider implementing a monthly team lunch, weekly after-work happy hour, or plan a team retreat with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

Make diversity a Core Company Value.

A successful company will have well-defined core values by which the business is run. Many companies today prioritize diversity as one of their core values. Not only does an emphasis on diversity make your business more attractive to potential clients, but it is also demonstrated to your team that all are welcome. You’ll attract talent that is comfortable working with other cultures and may even build valuable partnerships with a broad range of innovative businesses that similarly values cultural differences in the workplace.

Maintain Flexible Scheduling.

As your team becomes more diverse, you’ll start to learn that working with different cultures in the workplace sometimes requires more flexible scheduling. Because each culture has its own important dates and holidays, you may receive requests for time off or schedule shifts. It’s important to take the time to learn about any significant dates throughout the year so you can plan accordingly and demonstrate that all holidays are valued equally. Your employees will appreciate their time spent with friends and family during these special days.

Promote Patience.

Adjusting to most any change in the workplace takes time. Similarly, working with different cultures in the workplace will require an adjustment period for all. If you find that you or other members of your team are having difficulty working with other cultures, it’s important to practice patience. For example, you may find that communicating with a coworker for whom English is a second language requires a bit more effort. Instead of feeling frustrated or impatient, use this as an opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively. Ask your teammate what you can do better, and what they need from you to understand your point. Working with different cultures in the workplace is possible for every team so be sure to stay positive as your team works through its differences.

Benefits of Working with Different Cultures with Corporate Suites

At Corporate Suites, we understand the unique value of having cultural differences in the workplace. Our unmatched office space solutions bring together companies across industries with incredibly diverse teams. Whether you’re in need of a private office space, team meeting spaces, coworking spaces, office suites, and more, you’ll enjoy all the amenities you need in a hub of creativity and innovation. We strongly value community, and can’t wait to have you share your experiences and expertise. Contact a Corporate Suites representative today to discuss your office space needs and how we can help you thrive.
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