Office Suites That Represent an Image of Discretion in NYC

April 17, 2017 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

It may seem that “anything goes” in the trendy new world of furnished office space in NYC, but NYC coworking space doesn’t have to mean data leakage. Misappropriated information is a dangerous problem for a business to have, and can result in anything from annoyed customers to fines, fees, loss of licensing, and lawsuits. Here are three ways that Corporate Suites helps its customers keep their private information secure in our formal, discrete, and elegant office suites in NYC.

Soundproof Office Suites

How can an accountant work from an office space with glass walls? Not only is there the risk of someone viewing what’s on your computer screen, but your clients also may resent having to meet with you in what is essentially a public place. Corporate Suites offers soundproof walls so that your conversations won’t be heard by anyone whose ears they aren’t meant for.

Interoffice Privacy

Employees within a company can even be a source of data breach. So that our clients can be assured that the sensitive information will only be shared with parts of the company that should be privy to it, we have an onsite staff that can construct partitioning walls promptly. There’s no need to hire an outside contractor which can result in delays. Having inhouse personnel dedicated to such services is one of the ways that we deliver high touch services to the discerning businesses within our office suites.

Meeting Rooms That You Can Actually Use

Have you ever been in a situation where you just couldn’t find a place to hold a discrete conversation? Not all office suites are the same in this regard. Corporate Suites has a higher proportion of NYC meeting rooms to clients than most office space providers.

If privacy matters to you, email for a personal tour of any of our eight formal, discrete, and elegant business center locations.