How To Boost Productivity In Coworking Spaces

October 02, 2023 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

You can boost productivity in coworking spaces by reducing distractions, practicing time management and maintaining a tidy workspace.

Coworking spaces offer a number of advantages over traditional office space, but they can also make it difficult to be productive if you’ve never worked in a coworking environment. Thankfully, you can improve productivity and efficiency in a coworking space by taking a few proactive steps.

Strategies to Increase Productivity in Coworking Spaces

Strategies to increase productivity in a coworking space can include prioritizing time management and taking steps to increase focus. Below are some additional strategies you can use to increase productivity in coworking spaces:

Move Beyond the 9-5 Mindset

Moving beyond the 9-5 mindset can improve productivity because coworking spaces are often designed to provide flexible work schedules. An adaptable approach to your work schedule can boost productivity in these work environments to let you take full advantage of the freedom coworking spaces provide.

Implement Time Blocking and Task Batching

You can also improve productivity by viewing your work hours as blocks or batches of time. Coworking spaces can sometimes be rented by the day or hour, so take advantage of this by segmenting your work schedule into chunks of time.

Enforce a No Mobile Phone Policy

As with any work environment, you can improve productivity by implementing a policy of no mobile phone usage during work hours. If you don’t want to be without your smartphone while using a coworking space, place your device on silent or put it in a bag or separate container while working.

Opt for Noise-Cancellation Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones can work wonders to reduce distractions in a coworking space. Many wireless headphones today offer active noise-canceling technology, and these headphones can be easily removed if you need to have an in-person conversation.

Organize with a Streamlined Filing Method

If you’ll be filing documents or digital files while renting a coworking space, evaluate your filing methods to see if you can find more efficient ways of doing things. Productivity can be increased by eliminating time-wasting administrative processes.

Invest in Premium Ergonomic Furnishings

If you’re uncomfortable in your workspace, it can be hard to be productive. Switching to ergonomic furnishings can improve productivity by helping you feel more comfortable.

Allocate Zones for Work and Discussions

If possible, create different zones in your coworking space for focused work and general discussions. This reduces distractions for you, but it also eliminates distractions for others who are using the coworking space.

Set Clear Boundaries with Fellow Coworkers

Coworkers who intrude on your work time can be a drain on productivity, so set clear boundaries. Let coworkers know, politely, that you are not to be bothered during work hours unless the interruption pertains to work.

Managing Child Care

If you have children, consider finding childcare options away from your coworking space to boost productivity. Some coworking spaces may offer onsite childcare services, however, so these may be a viable option as well.

Schedule Breaks from Tech

Schedule breaks from tech at least once per hour to avoid getting burned out. Even a five-minute tech break to relax your eyes and clear your head can improve productivity.

Take a Stroll

Taking a walk is a good idea for your physical and mental health as well. Sedentary work environments can harm your cardiovascular health, but frequent, short breaks can improve your mood and your productivity.

Introduce Greenery with a Plant

You can also boost productivity by decorating your coworking space with greenery and plants. Plantlife is nice to look at, and plants can also help to clean the air around your coworking space.

Assign a Spot for Your Devices.

If you find that your smartphone or other electronic devices are causing you to lose focus, find a dedicated, secure spot to store these devices during your work hours. When you no longer have a mobile device to cause distractions, you’re likely to be more productive.

Curtail Disturbances

Try to diminish disturbances and interruptions in order to improve productivity in a coworking space. This can be done by establishing clear boundaries and using noise-canceling headphones while working.

Dog Care Centers

If you own dogs, it can be tempting to bring them to work in a coworking space, but this can cause distractions. Instead, use dog care centers to board your dogs while you’re a work. Some coworking spaces may even offer onsite dog care to make things easier.

Treat Yourself After Task Completion

When you complete big tasks, give yourself a small reward. Planning out small rewards can improve productivity by giving you something to work toward.

Infuse Activity into Routine Work

Try to stay active during the day to improve productivity. A sedentary work environment can breed complacency, and this hurts productivity over time.

Rank Your Activities Thoughtfully

Try to rank your daily activities to complete them in order of importance. This improves productivity by helping get the most important tasks done first.

Maintain a Tidy Work Area

Keep your work area clean to reduce distractions and develop a more positive attitude. Coworking spaces generally provide some form of trash removal, so take advantage of this to keep your workspace clean and tidy.

Set Specific Goals for Each Day

When you set goals for yourself each workday, you can expect to be more productive. As you complete tasks, you can check them off your to-do list. This fosters productivity by allowing you to see the progress you’re making throughout the day.

What are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces are dedicated workspaces that are shared by multiple companies and professionals. They don’t require a long-term rental agreement like a traditional office but do not provide private workspaces either.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces provide a range of benefits, including flexible rental agreements, lower costs and networking opportunities with other local professionals.

Impact on Productivity Levels

Another benefit of coworking spaces is that they can have a positive impact of productivity levels. When you work in a traditional office, distractions like interrupting coworkers can impede productivity. In a coworking space, many professionals work in their own areas, allowing for quieter and more focused work conditions.

Distraction-Free Environment

Coworking spaces can be distraction-free environments, but you may need to take extra steps to free yourself from distractions. Many professionals choose to use noise-canceling headphones to block out ambient sounds while working in a coworking space. You should also set clear boundaries to avoid interruptions.

Building and Maintaining Community

Coworking spaces also allow the opportunity to build and maintain a community among like-minded business owners and professionals in your local area. This improves productivity by opening new opportunities to create and build together.

Increase in Focus and Creativity

Due to the open nature of most coworking spaces, you may find it easier to be creative and focus on innovative ways of thinking. This boosts productivity in coworking spaces and can be a benefit to business owners.

Access to Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities with others in your industry can increase productivity in coworking spaces as networking helps business owners find new opportunities. Some business owners may even develop partnerships that can extend business operations by meeting new people in a coworking space.

Availability of Diverse Skillsets and Collaboration

The availability of diverse skillsets and collaborative opportunities found in coworking spaces can also lead to increased productivity. If a business owner lacks a particular skill, they may be able to find someone to fill that void in a coworking space. This leads to increased productivity for the business owner, but it can also be a benefit to that business owner’s customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions related to productivity and coworking spaces:

What other services can you expect from a coworking space to further boost one’s productivity

Other services that may boost productivity in a coworking space include access to shared break rooms and kitchens, networked communication tools for connecting renters with one another and onsite childcare services.

What is the trend in coworking space industry

Trends in coworking spaces include access to exclusive events hosted by coworking service providers and the addition of integrated tech through Internet of Things technologies.

What are the biggest challenges faced by coworking spaces

The biggest challenges faced by coworking spaces include workspace distractions and availability. These challenges can be overcome by spacing renters properly and scheduling renters in advance.

What makes a coworking space unique

Coworking spaces are unique because they are used by multiple businesses and professionals at the same time. This allows for greater networking and lower costs.

Why do people choose coworking spaces

People choose coworking spaces because these spaces offer flexibility at a relatively affordable price compared to traditional office space arrangements.

Who is the target of coworking space

The target for coworking spaces usually includes solo entrepreneurs and small business owners. Startup founders and remote teams are also targets of coworking spaces.

Why do coworking spaces fail

Coworking spaces fail for a number of reasons, including a lack of marketing and advertising, rates that fall outside of acceptable limits for a specific region and a lack of attractive amenities.

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