How Office Furniture Affects Productivity

June 07, 2022 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

It has been found that office furniture that inspires employees increases productivity by 32%. The comfort, design, and selection of inspiring office furniture help increase employee morale and enhance corporate culture. Office productivity is affected by various factors with office furniture being a significant one.

Having happy and motivated employees is a key factor in a company’s success. Along with a great corporate culture, office furniture and the overall design of the environment plays a significant role in productivity. Investing in a comfortable and beautiful working environment gives companies a competitive edge that translates into profits. Let’s dive deep into how office furniture affects productivity.

Why is Employee Productivity Influenced by Office Furniture?

The design of office furniture has a much bigger impact than some might think. Choosing the right furniture goes far beyond basic functionality. Progressive companies and interior designers are now putting more thought into selecting office furniture. It is not just about function and decor. Ergonomics is also a key factor in choosing the right pieces to ensure employees are productive.

When office employees can enjoy quality furniture that not only looks great but also provides their bodies the best support, the overall productivity of the company increases. Employees spend the majority of their day at work, which makes the office their second home. Quality furniture that is designed to provide employees the comfort they need directly impacts their productivity and satisfaction at work.

Using Furniture to Segment the Office for Maximum Productivity

Each company has a unique set of needs for its optimum productivity. Since not all offices have the same functions, choosing the right furniture helps to segment the office for the most productive environment.

There are specially designed furniture pieces that allow employees to make the most out of the office space. The size of the office, nature of the business, daily activities, and the number of employees all play a part in the selection of the best furniture.

Strategically placed and comfortable furniture that allows employees to easily perform their tasks is necessary for the company and its staff to thrive.

Employees Feel Motivated

Since employees spend so much of their life at work, they appreciate an office that is furnished in such a way that it enhances their experience. Office employees feel motivated when they walk into their place of employment to find a beautifully designed environment with furniture arranged where they can easily perform daily tasks.

In addition, having furniture that provides ergonomic support relieves their bodies from aches and pains that are associated with uncomfortable furniture. Office workers often perform repetitive movements such as typing on a computer for many hours during the day. Using well-designed furniture allows employees to carry on their day as comfortably as possible, which ends up boosting their motivation to come to work and be as productive as they can.

Reduces Productivity Drains During Work Day

Ergonomic furniture that is arranged with optimal functionality in mind reduces idle time and productivity drain throughout the work day. When employees are uncomfortable at their workstations, they are more likely to take more breaks and work at a slower pace. An uncomfortable setting makes employees feel tired and creates a depressing environment that is not conducive to productivity.

Moreover, furniture that is not placed for optimal functionality creates a lack of flow during the workday. Employees need to have everything they use at their fingertips. It is not productive if they have to move to an inconvenient location just to achieve a task. Instead, a workstation that provides an employee with well-placed furniture pieces cuts down on unproductive time because they can easily and quickly complete projects.

Employee Health and Wellness is Enhanced

Ergonomic office furniture provides employees the physical support they need to spend hours at their workstation in comfort. Uncomfortable furniture leads to musculoskeletal ailments and even serious injuries. Office furniture must be designed to support long periods of sitting. This prevents muscular tension and eye strain.

Physical wellness has a direct correlation with mood and the emotional state of a person. High employee satisfaction boosts morale and prevents psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Decreases Company Costs

A lack of comfort and motivation creates costs for a business. Having optimal office furniture can increase potential profits. Employees are less likely to call in sick because of physical ailments or lack of motivation. They are also likely to avoid work-related injuries that can put them out of commission for weeks.

Ergonomic office furniture and a strategically designed office prevent employees from becoming distracted. Employees can work steadily instead of taking too many breaks or interrupting their work to change positions. Comfortable office furniture creates a productive environment which ultimately translates into dollars.

Promotes Collaboration and Boosts Creativity

Working in an environment that’s both comfortable and inviting entices employees to collaborate and get creative with their work. From individual workstations to conference rooms where many can gather, having comfortable furniture is a great way to ensure employees live up to their true potential.

Productivity Increases When Employees Practice Good Posture

Ergonomic office furniture allows employees to maintain good posture throughout the day. An aligned spine is the foundation of health. Countless medical conditions are rooted in bad posture. Those that have bad posture are more likely to suffer from aches and pains, migraines, depression, and even digestive issues. Having healthy employees means they will be busy making advances for the benefit of the whole organization.

Selecting Ergonomic Office Furniture

Work can certainly take a toll on the body if the furniture is uncomfortable. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) provides a critical review of evidence for work-related musculoskeletal disorders of the neck, upper extremity, and lower back. Companies who invest in ergonomic workstations prevent healthcare costs and other health-related setbacks.

To select ergonomic furniture items such as comfortable chairs, functional office desks, and easy-to-use file cabinets must be considered. Choosing furniture with a focus on ergonomics provides employees with a good foundation for wellbeing and productivity.

Conscious companies design workspaces that are ergonomic to give the best care to their employees. These companies generally have strong corporate cultures, high levels of creativity, and employee loyalty.

Office Chairs with Ergonomic Features

Employees spend most of their day sitting. Ergonomic chairs have customizable adjustments that support the back. Employees can adjust the seat depth, tilt, armrests, and lumbar support. A quality chair will provide postural support and promote good circulation.

Innovative Ergonomic Office Desks

With technological advances, ergonomic office desks now come with a variety of features that allow employees to switch positions throughout their day. These innovative desks adjust to allow the user to alternate to a standing position and change the angle of the surface.

Smart Office Storage

Another important part of office furniture is easy-to-use file cabinets and other storage pieces. These items help employees stay organized and work more efficiently.

Flexible Workstations and Cubicles

The office furniture market is seeing more new designs for flexible workstations and cubicles. These pieces provide employees with the option to easily change positions throughout the day. Some features include flexible desks and keyboards, magnets, and recliner chairs that allow the user to work in a variety of positions.

What are the Key Features of Office Furniture for Maximum Productivity?

When designing an office, companies have to consider some key factors that will enhance the environment. Office furniture must meet the following criteria.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Offices that are furnished with a beautiful design and style create a productive atmosphere that employees will enjoy. Well-designed aesthetics makes a huge difference in the energy of a place.

Maximum Comfort

Beauty and style are not enough. Office furniture also has to be comfortable and functional. Employees need furniture that provides the most comfort for spending hours at work.

Coherent Design

The design of the furniture has to match the company’s brand and corporate culture. It helps tie together the whole atmosphere so that employees can feel a clear sense of belonging.

Smart Layout

The placement of workstations and common spaces influences the flow of the office. It has to be both attractive and functional for employees to get the most out of their day. Creating open spaces is a great way to enhance any office environment.

Sounds and Lights

Acoustics are important to minimize the amount of distracting noise employees may experience. An office should provide employees with an environment where they can have privacy and focus.

Allowing natural light to come into the workspace is a great way to create a productive environment. Since offices are indoors, having natural light prevents headaches and eyestrain. Workstations are best placed near windows to help employees stay productive.

The Harvard Business Review published a report that detailed the Future Workplace Employee Experience Study. Research concluded that 78% of employees thought natural light and views was beneficial to their wellbeing and 70% thought it improved their work performance.

What Type of Office Furniture Enhances Productivity?

Several furniture pieces are essential for maximum productivity. Consider the following when designing an office for maximum productivity.

Ergonomic Workstations and Desks

Innovative designs of workstations and desks are becoming popular because they allow users to make adjustments throughout the day. The workstations and desks can transform to be fully customized to the user with options to adjust positions during the day.

Chair and Other Seating

In addition, to have ergonomic office chairs, it is also important to make other seating as comfortable as possible. Employees gather in a variety of places where comfortable seating is required.

Inviting Conference Rooms

Rooms for meetings that are well-designed serve as a hub for collaboration and creativity in the office. These should be spacious and well-equipped with everything employees need to carry out productive gatherings.

Inviting Reception Area

The reception area is the first impression guests receive of the company. It is also normally the first place employees see as they walk into work. Reception areas should be stylish while also providing comfortable seating options.

Filing and Storage

Practical storage solutions are created to help employees stay organized. Small file cabinets at the workstation as well as larger pieces in common spaces should all be easy to use.

How is Productivity Influenced by Color Psychology?

Colors can affect productivity, mood, and the behavior of employees. Different colors inspire workers in many ways increasing their productivity.


Red creates alertness, energy, and physical activity. It is an emotional and passionate color that gives employees a surge of energy.


White has a calming effect and creates order. It is a great color for creating a sense of spaciousness and simplicity.


Blue provides calming energy that increases focus. It is a great way to avoid burnout and keep employees free from stress.


Brown is an earthy color that makes employees feel strong. It also gives the place warmth and promotes feelings of safety.


To increase productivity and inspire creativity, yellow is a great color to add to big or small areas.


How does office furniture affect employee productivity?

Beautiful and ergonomic Office furniture boosts employee morale by providing them comfort and a sense of wellbeing. Happy and healthy employees are more productive because they can work steadily, are more focused, and will be less inclined to call in sick.

Why is furniture important in an office?

Employees see the office as their second home. Selecting ideal furniture for the office space will create a strong corporate culture centered around caring for one another. The furniture and design of the office enhance the brand of the organization and motivates employees.

How does office space affect productivity?

Productivity is directly affected by the quality of the office space. People who work in a beautiful and well-designed environment are more likely to be healthy and mentally committed to their work. Ergonomic spaces allow employees to work steadily without the setbacks an uncomfortable place can have.

Do offices increase productivity?

The office environment sets the tone for the whole company. When employees enjoy where they work, they will be more productive. There are many ways in which offices can enhance the comfort and wellbeing of employees. Having happy and healthy employees means they will be more productive and loyal to the company.

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