The Foreign Based Business

Virtual Offices Case Study

A London based firm wants to establish a New York presence in order to enhance their US sales.

The firm joins Corporate Suites virtual office program. It utilizes a prestigious Manhattan address on its letterhead and US marketing materials to gain credibility and quickly start developing its US business without large capital expenditures. It also uses this address to form the firm’s legal operating entity in the United States. As mail is delivered, Corporate Suites overnights the mail on a fixed schedule. The company also has a 212 phone and fax number and their calls are answered professionally in their business name. Their voicemails and faxes are directly routed to their e-mail. When they are in New York, the firm rents a furnished office for the week and conducts its meetings on location in one of many available equipped conference rooms.

A virtual office from Corporate Suites is an ideal and cost-effective way to test new markets and expand business.

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