Emergency Disaster Recovery Plan

Office Solutions Case Study

Traditional Office Space Solution

There are no traditional office space solutions for the firm which means that the firm will experience extended down time and lost profits.

The Corporate Suites Solution

The firm contacts Corporate Suites which immediately provide them with several contiguous furnished office suites. The staff makes a seamless transition into the new facility and is immediately connected to internet, fax and phone lines. They have their phone carrier forward their lines to their Corporate Suites office. They are also able to enjoy all the amenities they enjoyed in their full-time office – large reception area, serviced kitchen with lounge, and copy/scan machines. Their team utilizes several conference rooms to meet with clients and continue with their work without missing a beat. Corporate Suites staff is also available to assist them with any technology and administrative tasks. After three weeks they transition back to their permanent space.

With the immediate availability of a Corporate Suite complete with turn-key technology and full corporate services, the firm is able to maintain its business through it an emergency recovery period.

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