5 Reasons Coworking Spaces Are Growing Popular

March 30, 2016 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Coworking spaces are quickly becoming the first choice for growing small businesses, fledgling startups, and independent freelancers who want the structure of an office, but wish to save on costs and avoid the dreary, ridged, “when is quitting time” atmosphere traditional offices have a reputation for. However, as more advantages are found in the layout, they’re only becoming more popular.

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What makes coworking spaces so great?

Coworking Spaces are Cost-Effective

Success in business is as much as saving money as it is making it, and coworking spaces are your budget’s dream.

Lower Rent

Working under the same agreement you’d have with a roommate, a coworking space splits the cost of the office among all its workers, and since you are only renting your one space, there’s no need to be weighed down with the whole price.

No Need to Buy Equipment

Coworking spaces are meant to suit the startup business who can’t devote the funds to furnishing an office or the freelancer who really only wants a desk and a chair. Coming fully furnished, there’s no need for you to pay for your own furniture or equipment, as each also comes with a printer, scanner, and sometimes even a fully functional kitchen. This allows you to use what is necessary but ignore the fluff.

No Need to Pay for Insurance

When your office goes up in flames or a surprise flood has your workspace looking more like an aquarium, you quickly realize why insurance is important. Even if you forget about all the laws on insurance, it’s simply smart to have, but this is expensive. A coworking space eliminates this cost from your budget, as the cost of amenities and insurance is split up among several of the workers rather than just on your shoulders.

Coworking Spaces are Scalable

Coworking spaces can easily be upgraded as your business grows, and rather than having to move an entire building and drag all your equipment (and grumbling employees) with you, you can simply move across the all of the coworking office and find yourself with much more space.

Coworking Spaces Encourage Communication

Encourage Communication

As the name may have made you guess, coworking spaces are perfectly designed for collaboration and communication, both with your real colleagues and with your desk-partner.

Collaborate Easily

Coworking spaces usually shun the closed-in cubicle design and prefer a more open-room look. Because of this, should you in fact be sharing a space with your colleague, you have better access to collaborate together on projects. Additionally, this open-area look provides an atmosphere of creativity and light, making it easier for some to tap into their real enthusiasm rather than being weighed down by a generic-style space.

Outsource With Your Coworking Companion

Coworking spaces are shared by people from many different businesses and fields, and because of this, you may find yourself working alongside a professional in a complementary niche. Perhaps you’re in need of an outsourcing company to manufacture a product for you; rather than searching out a strange and distant company, you could lean over to the person beside you and check on the status of production immediately. This also creates a sense of partnership, allowing you to build stronger relationships with your contracts.

Coworking Spaces Encourage a Work-Life Balance

As any freelancer or small business owner can attest to, when you’re your own boss, it’s easy to overwork yourself. Surrounded by people from all different niches, a coworking space allows you to both get down to work and relax in a way you’d never find in a traditional office.

Locations to De-Stress

With so many different professions gathering in a coworking space, it’s no surprise that different methods and techniques for work sprout up. Many coworking offices have special “play areas” with exercise balls, arcade games, pool tables, and the like so that workers can relax and get their mind off work for a few minutes before heading back. This is something you would rarely find in a traditional office.

An Area to Socialize

Normal office spaces have a habit of becoming stale and routine, but with so many different niches and fields, all congregating in one location, the conversation and the atmosphere of a coworking space stay fresh and new. This allows you to take a break from work and socialize with someone in an entirely different field, renewing your mind before going back.

Coworking Spaces Offer a Range of Styles and Locations

The more popular they become, the more options you have, and the options available for coworking spaces are almost limitless.

Enjoy an Office That Suits Your Business Style

The best business owners know that working is about more than just working, and creating an environment where employees are empowered and exciting can be the key to a business that grows and flourishes. Depending on your style of business, you may want to have walls in a variety of colors, cool and unusual furniture, and decorations that makes your employees feel comfortable. However, if your business type would prefer softer colors, more structured furniture, and a highly “professional” tone, then a coworking space allows you to choose the area you want instead of making your employees silently curse the décor under their breath.

Have an Office in the Busy Side of Town

For a growing business and even freelancers, being centered in the right location is as vital as anything. If your clients have difficulty finding you, they may turn elsewhere, and if you happen to be centered in the bad or slow side of town, it’ll reflect on your professionalism and credibility. A coworking space offers the solution, as they’re often placed right in the busy or high-class side of town to be more accessible by both the workers and the customers.

The face of business is changing, and it is changing where we do work. With these advantages in mind, it’s a no-brainer why coworking spaces are in the lead.

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