4 Reasons Standing Desks Are Growing Popular

March 16, 2016 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

A standing desk is pretty self-explanatory; it’s your average work station, just with the upgrade of being a few feet taller. They come in a range of sizes and shapes, some with the ability to be normal desks and then standing desks in a few seconds, or some that really make you commit and stay standing all the time. In any case, they’ve become a fan favorite for at-home workers and even some more modern businesses.

Standing Desks


With studies showing that someone who sits for more than three hours a day has a 20% higher death rate than others, the advantages are pretty clear. But that’s not all. Here are four of the most compelling reasons why standing desks are on the rise in office spaces:  

They increase blood flow

Blood flow is pretty important. There’s a reason some people subject themselves to the horror of the stair-climber and that reason is to get their heart – and their blood – pumping.  When your blood is flowing well, your body has more resources to work with, and this can boost your immune system, help fight off diseases, and make you feel better all around. The standing desk craze is beloved by more than the health-fanatic; at-home workers and even some small businesses are using it to help extend the lives of desk jockeys, simply by letting the heart and the veins do their jobs more efficiently.

They help you lose weight

All that said, who doesn’t want to look good naked? Or at least not see their scale turn TILT when they step on it. The standing desk in no way is going to make you into Arnold Schwarzenegger, but one can’t ignore the fact that standing burns more calories than sitting. For that matter, chewing gum burns more calories than sitting on your butt. On average, a desk worker will spend at least eight hours a day at their desk, and these are hours counted against your work-out. By lifting your desk by a foot or two and getting on your feet, the slight muscle strain of keeping you up-right will help burn off those sugary “work snacks.”

They offer diversity

We’re all a little lazy at heart, but after a few months, you may be dreading work just because it means “that desk” and “that chair.” There may be days where you want to recline in your rich Corinthian leather seat and there may be days where you want to stand up and shift from side to side as you take on the day’s tasks; with standing desks, you have that option. Either by splurging on the pricy ones that offer adjustable heights or by keeping your old desk on hand, you can shift work to suit your mood and body’s needs.

They stave off soreness

Let’s face it; when you’ve been sitting in one place for a big, big project and stand to find your legs feeling like they’ve run a marathon, you know something’s wrong. No one likes that stagnant soreness, and a standing desk lets you kick that to the curb. The ability to shift from side to side, stand on one foot, or even just plant your feet and get to work will help stave off that immobile soreness and make you feel better. Got all your work done and ready to head out with your friends? No need to make up a story about running a marathon to cover up the butt-in-chair soreness.

They give mobility to those with back problems

Say that life has already dealt you an unsavory hand or that years of desk work have already sucker-punched you in the back. Rather than accepting the pain or discomfort, you can have a standing desk that doesn’t compress your back; instead, it gives you the mobility to shift around or change positions while you work, eliminating pain and even preventing future injuries.

They give flexibility for those with joint problems

Getting older isn’t all that fun, or maybe you have a special case that has seen your joints tighten up early. Sitting in a chair all the time only encourages your muscles to tense and lock, creating soreness, pain, and general discomfort. However, a standing desk puts your body in a position rarely seen during work hours and stretches muscles usually dormant until the work-day is done. This allows you to stretch out those leg joints and use those arm joints by stepping farther or closer to a desk, not only pushing away old pain but preventing future ones.

You have a greater focus

Blood flow counts for a lot, and the more of it your brain gets, the better it will perform. You probably experience that afternoon lull as the workday gets on and you’re on a streak of five hours at your desk, and this doesn’t only cut into your mood; it cuts into your focus and ability to work. A standing desk allows you to stay upright and keep the blood flowing, boosting your focus and your abilities by giving your brain more resources than before.

You have more energy

Focus counts for nothing without the willingness to cash in on it. Rather than slouching in your desk chair, counting down the hours until quitting time, simply getting on your feet can give you the boost you need to keep going with enthusiasm. By letting blood flow to all the important parts of your body at a higher rate, you’re essentially telling your system it’s “go time.” Only you’ll be taking on an assignment rather than a tiger. Hopefully.

Standing desks tap into the heart of the way humans work; we were meant to be on our feet. By simply adding a few feet to your work station, you can improve yourself and your work – with little to no effort.

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