How to Hit the Ground Running After Moving into a New Office Space

May 30, 2019 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Anyone who has endured moving to a new home or apartment knows the process can be particularly grueling. From handling bulky furniture to securely packing each and every important belonging, there is a lot to keep track of. Many may not realize that the process of moving to a new office space for work can be just as involved. Not only do you have to consider the logistics of transferring office equipment and materials when moving to a new office space, employees must also learn to work through the interruption to their work and adapt to an entirely new environment. While it may seem overwhelming to uproot your team and move, there are a number of office moving tips for employees you can follow when moving to a new office to ensure a smooth transition that allows everyone to hit the ground running in your new digs.

How to Prepare When Moving to a New Office

Before exploring ways in which you can help your team adapt to a new office space, there are a number of things to consider when moving office locations. First, it’s important to plan the logistics of moving to a new office and communicate these details to your team to ensure everyone knows what to expect. Office moving tips for employees include:

Start planning as early as possible.

One of the most important office moving tips for employees is to always start the planning process as early as possible. Moving to a new office will inevitably cause some level of disruption to your work, so it is important that each team member has a plan in place for how they can make sure their work is completed during the transition. Will employees be responsible for transporting office equipment to the new space? How much time will moving to a new office require? Have you informed clients on how best to reach you during this transition period? There is a lot to consider and having a well thought out plan in place will ease the process.

Set your address change.

Another of the important office moving tips for employees is, as soon as you’ve settled on a new office space, begin the process of updating documents, business cards, and website with your new address. Also, be sure your clients are aware of your new address. If you leave this step to the last minute when moving to a new office, you risk going days or weeks without important items mailed or shipped to your business.

Hire a reputable moving company.

If you have a lot of equipment and furniture to move into your new office space, it may not be realistic for your team to handle the move without the help of professionals. When enlisting the help of moving specialists, be sure to thoroughly research the companies you consider. Office furniture and equipment is expensive, plus you may have sensitive client information that needs to be transported. Be sure you find a moving company you feel will handle your valuables with care. Further, you’ll want to hire a company that sets a fair price. Ask for a quote upfront when moving to a new office and be clear about what services are included in the price.

Create an IT transition plan.

Finally, one of the very important office moving tips for employees is to make sure your IT systems are properly installed prior to your team’s first day in the new office. Work with your IT team to have a solid plan for moving to a new office and how the transition will happen, including which systems will be set up first and by when. Account for your servers, computers, phones, and internet as first priorities.

Adapting to Your New Office

You’ve made it through the move- congratulations! This is an exciting time for your company as you settle into a space that hopefully motivates your team to focus and work hard to achieve goals. So just how do you go about creating a work environment that allows your team to hit the ground running after moving to a new office?

Keep your team informed.

Because your employees drive your business, it’s important to keep them informed at every stage when moving to a new office. Are you switching from a cubicle office layout to an open concept space? Notify your team ahead of time so they can prepare for this significant change. Is the move running behind schedule? Communicate this update so employees can plan their work accordingly. No matter the update, large or small, your team will appreciate the clear communication while moving to a new office as it shows they are respected and valued.

Ensure each team member has a comfortable workspace.

One of the most important factors that determine how successfully an employee can perform their job is their workspace. When moving to a new office, it’s important to make sure that the space can comfortably accommodate all employees. By the time employees return to the office for work, their workspace should have the technology and equipment they need to perform their job. If your team relies on computers, phones, and internet for tasks, have these items set up and ready to go.

Be flexible.

As your team adjusts to a different location after moving to a new office, expect the occasional late arrival in the morning. A new office typically means a new neighborhood, commute, and parking situation. It will take your employees some time to develop a routine as they learn their new route.

Make the new space comfortable and inviting. With moving to a new office comes new possibilities. Take the time to create an office that is warm and inviting by encouraging employees to customize their office space, invest in a new coffee maker for the kitchen, or even set up a comfortable seating area for your team to use during breaks. To get your team excited about the new neighborhood, plan staff outings for lunch or happy hour.

Temporary Office Spaces from Corporate Suites

Ultimately, when moving to a new office it’s important that your team feels supported in their work throughout the transition process. One of the ways you can make sure they have what they need to continue to get the job done is by setting up a temporary office space they can use while waiting to move into the new space. Corporate Suites offers a range of spaces to businesses of all sizes, from private offices to NYC team spaces to NYC office suites, NYC coworking spaces, virtual offices in NYC and more. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist your team when moving to a new office.