How to Effectively Use a Temporary Office Space to Your Benefit

April 23, 2019 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

As big metropolises such as New York continue to grow, it has become increasingly more difficult for newer and smaller businesses to establish a space for teams to work. Similarly, experienced businesses looking to expand might encounter the challenge of securing just the right work environment to allow for growth. Fortunately, there are a number of creative solutions popping up that make finding the right office space to inspire and motivate your team possible. One such solution is a temporary office space. Temporary office spaces offer a wide range of benefits, including everything from existing IT infrastructure to flexible leases to low overhead. Let’s take a look at what temporary office spaces are, and the many benefits that come with choosing a temporary space for your business.

What is a Temporary Office Space?

Simply put, a temporary office space is a work environment a business leases for a set period of time. Leases for temporary office spaces can range in duration, from very short periods of time such as month or two, to longer lengths up to a year. Temporary office spaces also range in size. You can rent private offices, team spaces, mini suites, coworking spaces, and more, that fit the specific needs of your business and team.  When renting a temporary office space, you utilize the existing amenities in the building. Many feature kitchens, copiers, audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and many more features essential for productivity.

Benefits to Temporary Office Spaces

With temporary office spaces growing in popularity, you may be asking yourself why exactly companies would choose to forgo purchasing their own office space in favor of a temporary option. The proof is in the many benefits offered, which include:

Existing IT Infrastructure.

We all know that for any business to be successful in today’s day and age it must embrace technology. In fact, companies today rely on a variety of technologies on a daily basis. However, for small companies just starting out, there is very little budget for paying for the long list of IT services they require to function. For this reason, the existing IT infrastructure of a temporary work space is a huge benefit. Temporary office spaces have everything a company needs to run smoothly, from reliable Wi-Fi to video-conferencing tools to smartboards. Even better, many temporary work spaces even have a dedicated IT support team on-site to help troubleshoot any issues that come up. By having an office space with an existing IT infrastructure, teams can come in to their new office space and get right to work, instead of having to wait days or even weeks for everything to get set up.

Lease Flexibility.

It can be hard to predict how your company will grow over time, and therefore hard to predict how the needs in your office space will change over time. For this reason, entering in a flexible lease agreement for your office space is essential. Another strong benefit to temporary office spaces is that they offer very flexible short leases. With these temporary office spaces, you can truly customize your package to include exactly what you need—nothing more, nothing less. Whether you need a desk for a day or two, or opt for a private office for a month, your specific needs will be met. If things change in a month, you can adjust as needed.

Low Overhead.

As you might imagine, establishing a new office can be an overwhelming and costly process. From investing the time and effort to shopping for an office space, selecting furniture that is comfortable and durable, and purchasing a variety of tools and supplies, it all adds up. When you choose a temporary office space, you immediately eliminate the costs associated with furnishing an office space and purchasing costly hardware. Fortunately, many temporary office spaces already come equipped with a lot of the hardware you’ll need, such as printing facilities, monitors, and phone services. Plus, they’ll already come furnished with high quality, stylish furniture to keep teams comfortable and motivated throughout the work day.


One benefit to temporary office spaces that should not be overlooked is security. Many temporary office spaces offer round the clock desk security, or at the very least some form of sophisticated entrance technology like key card access. Having these features will give you peace of mind that your employees and company property are protected for whatever length of time you use the space.

Innovative NYC Office Spaces from Corporate Suites

At Corporate Suites, we are committed to provide businesses of all types and sizes with modern, comfortable temporary NYC office spaces to help achieve organizational goals. The temporary office spaces we offer can be customized to suit your specific needs, whether you’re in search of an NYC virtual office, NYC office suite, NYC meeting space, or NYC coworking space, or more.  Contact a member of our team today to discuss your temporary office space options.