What Are The Various Building Types in NYC?

October 10, 2019 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

NYC is home to some of the most famous and recognized buildings in the world, however the New York City skyline wouldn’t be complete without the help of thousands of other buildings that pack Manhattan and beyond. It may come as no surprise that not all buildings in NYC maintain the same standards, particularly when it comes to types of office buildings. Fortunately, NYC has developed a clear classification system for the various types of office buildings to indicate the amenities and quality of a building someone might be interested in renting or leasing. The primary building classes are A, B, and C. But just what is a class A building? And can a class C building be transformed into a class A? Read on to learn the various types of office buildings in NYC.

Building Class A: Best of the Best

Topping the list of types of office buildings is building class A. Class A buildings are the best of the best, and the most modern, well-designed buildings in the city. Some examples of building class A structures in NYC are the General Motors and Chrysler buildings, to name just a couple. Building class A offices tend to be the newest out there, often high-rises, and feature a full suite of amenities, an incredible network of systems, and offer the most in safety and security.

For example, a class A building will certainly have a guard present 24/7 ensuring only those with proper identification are allowed to enter the premises. Further, building class A offices tend to have the most glitzy and stylish lobbies that have an immediate wow factor, making for a lasting first impression. Additionally, a building class A doesn’t skimp on the systems that make it comfortable and easy to work in, boasting lighting fast internet, robust HVAC systems and covered parking garages.

What really makes a class A building stand out is the location. Building class A offices are in the most desirable neighborhoods, which in NYC means the Financial District and Grand Central area. Given their locations, building class A structures come at a high price, commanding the highest rental rates. Class A buildings are built to impress, and it is for this reason that industry leading companies and other businesses that value prestige will certainly house their teams in nothing less than a building class A.

Building Class B: Comfortable, Sensible, and Well-maintained

Now that we’ve explored the cream of the crop, what does building class B mean? Next on the list of types of office buildings is building class B. While you can think of class A buildings as the best of the best, class B buildings are comfortable, well-maintained structures that receive mid-range rents. Building class B offices are a sensible option for those looking for a nice space without the high price tag that comes with the classification above. Still an elegant option, building class B offices will show some signs of age, whether it be on the exterior of the building in its internal systems.

When opting for a building class B option, you can expect fewer amenities. For example, you may not have 24/7 security on hand, or glitzy decor. Instead, the buildings in this class often maintain some of their historical charm, but have been renovated and updated. You won’t find building class B offices on the main NYC streets, but instead on nearby side streets. A number of class B buildings are in areas including the Flatiron district, SoHo and Chelsea.

Because a number of class B buildings enjoyed class A status in their heyday, you can be sure they are still very nice, highly functional spaces, and perfect for businesses that want a more affordable option that still has a positive impression on clients.

Building Class C: The Basics

Rounding out the various types of office buildings in NYC is building class C. just what is a building class C and how does it compare? As you can probably guess, building class C offices will be older, lacking in amenities, and could generally use some improvement. However, it’s important to note that many class C buildings are a fit for a number of no-frills companies simply looking for the basics. Building class C offices tend to be on the smaller side, and will likely only have a single elevator in their unattended lobby. Further, building class C structures will not be found on the most desirable streets in NYC, but instead on side streets. What you lack in upgrades and amenities in a building class C is made up for in rent, as the offices with this classification are the most affordable out there. For this reason, they are a perfect choice for startups and smaller companies looking to grow.

Today, many owners of class C buildings are investing in renovations to make their spaces competitive amongst the growing trend of office spaces packed with the latest tech and comforts. While it may be difficult to move up in classification, there are a variety of solid building class C offices that are comfortable, well-maintained, and functional.

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