Friday Roundup: Top 5 Real Estate Articles of the Week

May 09, 2014 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

It’s Friday! Time for a roundup of our top 5 favorite articles from this week in Real Estate, Business, Entrepreneurship and Events.

Real estate boom bites nonprofits.

Tech firms eat up space, pushing rents higher and leaving groups scrambling.

Hiring as an Art

Words from Barbara Corcoran who attributes to her past hiring mistakes to her new mastery. Barbara has recently published a book titled Shark Tales.

How to Create Big Success From Small Talk

Do you struggle with small talk? Here, Inc. columnists share how to make little words create big opportunities.

New York City Trophy Building Rents Are Back

“Pricing and velocity at the top of the market have reached their strongest levels since 2008,” said Peter Riguardi, president of JLL’s New York tri-state operations.

Discovering the Modern Workspace

“The white-collar people slipped quietly into modern society,” C. Wright Mills writes in “White Collar” (1951), his classic sociology text, as if he were describing a race of wan termites. Nikil Saval’s excellent new book, “Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace,” was inspired by Mills’s book, and it’s a fresh and intellectually omnivorous extension of its themes.