11 Benefits of Using a Virtual Address for Your Small Business

February 04, 2016 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Kiss those NYC office spaces with their cramped, impersonal cubicles goodbye, and throw the necessity of on-site work out the window while you’re at it. To make things even better, the process of going digital is wrapped up in more than one tool. A virtual address goes hand-in-hand with a virtual office and encapsulates a range of functions and advantages.

With it, you can enjoy a physical address without the need for an office, providing a real-world base without the fluff; a digitized office space where employees can enjoy that office experience from the comfort of their home; and last but not least, a business email that clients can reach out to.

You may be asking if it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon of virtual addresses, and the answer is yes. Here are 11 benefits that it can offer you, revolutionizing the way you do business and the way customers approach you.

It Looks Professional

Business and its methods have changed countless times throughout the centuries, but one thing has always remained consistent: professionalism is everything. And what’s the most important element in professionalism? A quality image borne of a good first impression. Especially for small businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having the right image to present to customers is the difference between success and struggle. A virtual office allows you to offer this picture of perfection, with all the best features you could want, all while actually working from home.

Though working from home is what every professional wants in the modern age, and what many entrepreneurs are doing, using your home as your office still looks unprofessional. Unfortunately, the image of a couch, a laptop, and some PJs still doesn’t hold up against a suit, a desk, and a city-view. By having a virtual address, clients can see that you have the professionalism, the success, and the forethought to invest in a proper office – even if you haven’t. This first impression could be all they need to give your business a try.

Upscale Branding

Higher activity levels are a sign that things are happening and that a company is on the move. Having an elegant, serviced meeting space that will reflect positively upon your company’s image is a great way to get from Point A to Point B. As the saying goes, a touch of class never hurts! A virtual office client of Corporate Suites in NYC is treated the same as a private office client. Virtual office clients are given a choice of any of the meeting rooms in our eight locations. Some of our most elegant NYC meeting spaces at 2 Park Avenue and 1180 Avenue of the Americas are displayed below.

You Can Pick the Venue You Want

Virtual offices, in particular, give you choices. As a startup or a freelancer looking to conserve on costs where possible, renting an actual office may be too spendy for you. This leads you to cut corners and receiving a lower-standard place of work than you’d like. However, with the cost-savings of a virtual office, you can allocate money away from unnecessary features and to the exact office space, you want. Want an address in the ritzy part of town in the best building? Even on a smaller budget, this is possible, allowing you to give the most impressive image to clients and a boost to your business morale.

Get Call Services

Studies have shown that, while social media is certainly the most important feature for a business, actually having call services is next in line. The older generation still trusts a good phone call to discover more information, and customers of every age will feel more welcomed if they can get in direct contact with greater ease. A virtual address often comes with bonuses such as call services, so you can create call-forwarding or a special automated answering machine to help customers, giving them greater convenience and yourself an improved image.

Realizing that most work happens remotely for companies in the modern working world, Corporate Suites understands the critical importance the telephone plays in the businesses of our virtual office clients with a Gold or Platinum Package, both of which include phone service. Business image matters, and providing these clients of our Virtual Office Gold and Platinum packages with the “212” area code phone number has cache value for the brand. For our Platinum Package Virtual Office clients, the front desk concierge staff answers the phone in the client’s name once it rings through. Calls are screened for solicitations as well. Our concierge service ensures that Platinum clients have the administrative backup and support they need so that they can run their business as if they had a dedicated receptionist to support only their needs.

Enjoy Better Advertising

Google is undoubtedly the maker or breaker of businesses. Making a good impression on that search engine is the key to making a good impression on all your customers. Google as an engine and also Google+ as a social media site can list your location with a pin in a map board. For social media, this adds a refined and professional look to your account. For the engine, if an interested customer is trying to quick-find the best business for whatever they need, being able to choose by proximity can be a convenience that makes them choose one over the other. A virtual address gives you the opportunity to stay in the game.

You Can Save Money

Since a virtual office is just that – virtual – there’s no need for renters to be locked into a contract with several services they don’t need. Don’t need a meeting room? Cubicles? Call service? That’s fine; you only pay for what you need. This can be as small as the address itself or as large as an entire floor for your use, allowing small businesses and freelancers to create the ideal payment plan for them, saving money while earning that professional look.

Without an office, you can kiss those high rent prices goodbye. But even if you have a virtualized office for your employees to work, you still need an address that clients and partners can contact you by. This can mean a physical place to receive mail or a specialized email address that keeps communications focused and organized. The traditional choice is available, but a fully virtualized option is your bank account’s best friend.

A receptionist working at the front desk requires a salary and benefits for accepting parcels and communicating with walk-in clients. By creating a virtual address, you can cut out the additional strain and get right to what matters – you have the packages you need, partners have a means of contacting you if necessary, and your employees can gain access to all the information they need in minutes. So as nice as that receptionist was, her purpose has become irrelevant; you now have additional funds that you can devote to seeing your business thrive.

There are No Overhead Expenses for Commuting

Any entrepreneur understands that businesses often go under not just because of huge expenses; it’s usually the insidious nickel-and-diming that cuts into success. A virtualized office allows you to avoid the need to commute, pay money on office formalwear, and make expenses on those take-out lunches. A virtual address makes working at home or remotely possible, so clients have a means of contacting you, you have a means of communicating with employees, and business partners can have confidence in your savvy headquarters.

You Can Save Time

Some sensitive parcels will not be delivered to a PO Box, putting you in a real jam when you need your things and need them now. In addition to that, a home address can put these delicate items in danger of being stolen, setting your time back and putting your business’s security at risk. A virtual address can eliminate this issue, keeping your packages safe while ensuring there’s no delay in them reaching you.

Virtual Offices Support Companies in Transition

When a virtual office client visits Corporate Suites in NYC, for example, the office concierge automatically gives him or her a tour and an information packet with the company’s name, phone codes assigned to the company, copy codes, and how to program the phone. Please meet our concierge professional John, who heads up the front desk concierge at our 2 Park Avenue office center. Below he is featured presenting a client of ours with an introductory tour. Corporate Suites’ service philosophy is that each and every touchpoint should offer clients support as if it were coming from an extended member of the company. We view this as an important part of our commitment to our clients’ growth.

You Can Enjoy Convenience

Of course, for all the benefits it offers your bank account and clients, a virtual address makes life easier for you as well.

There are times where even freelancers need to host a meeting with a client or several business partners. Perhaps your investors don’t want Fyfe in their lap while they’re discussing numbers or don’t find your talkative toddler all that cute. Rather than costing yourself an important business image, using a virtual address allows you to also rent out meeting rooms as needed. For a one-time cost for one-time use, you can present yourself as competent at your professional office address, rolling out the impression that can make you money.

Personal Privacy

Sitting on the couch as you work may be blending personal life and business life into one, but that doesn’t mean you want clients knocking at your door at strange hours. By posting your personal address as your professional address, you’re leaving yourself open to robbery, invasion of privacy, and the possibility of surprise intrusion. A virtual address makes this a problem of the past by standing as a single hub of business, letting you leave the office truly at the office when you close your laptop.

Working from home or from a location other than an office allows convenience, cost savings, and a lot more flexibility for the worker. However, an office is still an important part of the business. A virtual address allows you to reconcile the two, enjoying all the benefits with absolutely no downsides.

Virtual Office Options for the Growing Business

Every client is different and no transition process is the same for any two companies. This is why Corporate Suites offers three levels of NYC Virtual Office packages. Please visit our portal to review and choose from a range of options. You may opt for the Silver package, which includes only basic amenities, while Platinum incorporates a phone number, live call answering, and several hours of private and meeting room space. Email info@corporatesuites.com to arrange your private tour or fill out our contact form today!