What’s Included in A Serviced Office

June 07, 2024 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Serviced offices include a number of useful features for business owners, including Internet connectivity, provided maintenance and utilities and meeting rooms. Some serviced offices also include flexible lease terms and virtual mailbox services as well as event and catering support services.

A Growing trend in the business world

The serviced office concept has grown quite rapidly in recent years. According to GlobeNewswire, part of this growth has stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic as business owners came to realize how fragile the commercial real estate sector can be.

Additionally, connected technologies like cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) have made it easier than ever to remain nimble when working in an office environment. The traditional model of leasing designated office space for long periods of time still works for some organizations, but others have found it easier to rely on a serviced office where things like maintenance, furnishings and administrative property management tasks are handled by a management company.

What Should You Expect to get from a Serviced Office?

A serviced office typically offers flexible lease terms, although this can vary by location. Many include the cost of utilities and Internet service in the monthly rent, and some also provide on-site support staff to take care of virtual mailbox services, phone messaging services and event planning. Essentially, a serviced office takes a lot of the hassle out of renting or owning space in a traditional office building.

Desks, chairs, and storage units included

The inclusion of furnishings like desks, chairs and storage units in a serviced office makes this type of arrangement practical and attractive. Business owners can save money by allowing the serviced office to provide furnishings rather than having to purchase them outright and then pay to move them into an office space.

Modern and ergonomic furniture options

Much of the furniture offered by modern serviced offices is ergonomic in design. This can help employees work more comfortably and has the potential to reduce sick time used by employees.

Customizable layout options

Serviced offices sometimes offer customizable layouts for office spaces. In a serviced office, different layouts may be available on different floors of an office building, but dividers and portable walls may also be used to create various custom layouts.

Access to meeting rooms and conference facilities

Businesses that rent space in a serviced office may have access to designated meeting or conference rooms provided by the serviced office management company. These spaces can be useful for times when a business needs to host clients, meet with employees in private or hold larger group meetings.

High-speed internet connection

According to the White House and other sources, a high-speed Internet connection is vital in today’s digital economy, and many serviced offices already have the infrastructure in place to support high-speed and fiber internet. In some serviced offices, the cost of Internet access is included in the monthly rent, and this is one less thing for business owners to worry about each month.

Printing and copying services

A serviced office may include access to printers, copy machines, fax machines and other office equipment. This is convenient for companies that want fast access to services like copying and printing, and it also reduces expenditures on office equipment.

Virtual Mailbox Services

Virtual mailbox services are another perk of leasing some serviced offices. A virtual mailbox service generally accepts mail for your business at an office street address, and some services will even scan your mail and deliver an electronic copy via cloud computing or email. Other virtual mailbox services simply accept mail on behalf of your company even though your business does not have a permanent address at an office building.

Concierge/Support Staff

Concierge and support staff are available at some serviced offices, and these resources take care of everything from managing access to your office building to addressing concerns with the management of your serviced office. Concierge and support staff may also work as a go-between for mail services or IT support staff if you have questions or concerns about services.

Shared Kitchen or Break Area

Most serviced offices include access to shared kitchens or break areas where things like vending machines, refrigerators, coffee machines and silverware may be found. The level of service in these areas varies among office providers, but most will take care of maintenance and cleaning.

Lounge or Relaxation Spaces

Some serviced offices provide lounge and relaxation areas that may include landscaped outdoor spaces or indoor pool tables. You may also find video games, televisions, music players and other forms of digital entertainment in these lounge areas.

Security and Access

A serviced office will usually provide some form of security and access control at entryways. This may include physical security in the form of guards, but you may also find badge or ID scanners, security cameras and turnstiles or doors that only unlock once access is granted.

Event Planning and Catering Services

If you plan to hold on-site events or need meetings catered, a serviced office may include planning, organizing and management support services. If your serviced office provides catering or event planning, you’ll want to discuss capacity regulations with your office’s management to ensure you are able to safely take advantage of these resources.

Conference Room Rental

Conference rooms are available in many serviced office spaces, but access may be limited. Some serviced office buildings are shared by multiple businesses at a time, so conference rooms may need to be reserved ahead of time so that every tenant has the chance to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a serviced office include

A serviced office includes amenities and services intended to make life easier for tenants. Some serviced offices include maintenance and janitorial services, while others include the cost of utilities and Internet access in the monthly rent. Still, others include services for event planning and conference room management.

What is an example of a serviced office

An example of a serviced office would be an office building that is managed by a company that rents out office spaces and meeting rooms to multiple tenants. The office management company takes care of paying the utility bills and provides janitorial services, and each tenant is able to take advantage of shared resources like break rooms, conference rooms and virtual mailbox services.

What is the difference between a serviced office and a traditional office

The difference between a serviced office and a traditional office is that a serviced office provider typically takes care of all of the furnishings and utilities in the building whereas the tenant of a traditional office must handle these expenses and tasks on their own.

What are serviced spaces

Serviced spaces in a serviced office generally include restrooms, break rooms, common areas and conference rooms. These are spaces that are cleaned and serviced by the management of the office building instead of the tenants of the building.

Are serviced offices worth it

Serviced offices may be worth it if you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning an office space or paying utility costs. Serviced offices are also a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a furnished office space that also includes amenities like on-site security and access to virtual mailbox services.

What are the three main types of offices

The three main types of offices include traditional office spaces, serviced office spaces and coworking spaces.

Serviced office vs coworking space

Deciding between a serviced office vs a coworking space often comes down to what you want out of your office environment. A serviced office usually provides private work areas and offices, and according to Forbes, coworking spaces provide shared work spaces and limited access to private offices.

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