The Advantages of Having Your Own Space

April 24, 2013 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

A common scene in most families – teenagers demand their own rooms from parents, and young adults move out into their own apartments, citing the need for their own space to be able to have privacy and an environment more conducive to productivity. But the need for your own space – a calm environment that you can call your own – isn’t just limited to kids. As companies grow and become bigger and more successful, they too need to consider the need for a space to all their own.

Employees who work from home can attest that it’s not the paradise it sounds like – distractions abound from children, spouses, deliverymen and from the home itself, it can be hard to focus in on work without a dedicated area to call your own. Besides the obvious distractions, there are many downsides to working from home for start-ups and entrepreneurs to consider.

A virtual office in New York City or another major local business district can help give you a professional appearance at a low cost, but what about when it’s time to meet with your clients? For many start-ups who use virtual offices, they must rent conference rooms by the hour and are limited in their ability to reserve conference rooms at the time and location they need – and the cost of an hourly conference room can add up quickly when used several times per month. Having a dedicated office of your own eliminated time constraints, and may be more cost-effective if you meet with clients on a regular basis.

A dedicated room in your home may help you focus on your own work – but the limitation of space offers many disadvantages, particularly when it comes to hiring. It is significantly harder to attract talent and provide a great workplace for them when limited by space and resources, and the lack of available space and resources, combined with the environment of a ‘home office’ can cause decisions based on a lack of space, rather then hiring the talent needed for continued business success. A executive suite in NYC with dedicated desks, high-speed internet and corporate amenities provides a better environment for both attracting and retaining talent – giving you a dedicated, peaceful space to be creative and accomplish your business goals.