Shared Office Space in NYC: A Classroom for the Courtroom

February 10, 2017 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

While you may have been able to get by in the past with just your bar certification, the learning game is changing.  The advent of social sharing technologies such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are rapidly changing the way that new ideas are communicated in the business world. Learning is undergoing an epic shift from the classroom to the courtroom, and law firms in shared office space in NYC are uniquely positioned to benefit the most.Shared Office Space Center of Learning

Typically, proponents of traditional methods, many law firms don’t fully recognize the social learning shift that has come upon us. Now when your paralegal wants to hear about the newest strategies for conducting a deposition, she consults with threaded conservation in a LinkedIn discussion group.  When your receptionist wants to learn how to work your new dictation machine, he watches a YouTube video by a consumer.  This is what psychologists call the 70-20-10 learning model, in which 20% of enlightenment comes from peer to peer interactions (“The 70:20:10 Model,” 2016).

Attorneys in a coworking space in NYC can benefit the most from this trend because they are right at the center of a community of learning. Through networking events in a shared workspace, businesses can share knowledge peer to peer.  A shared office space in NYC may even go as far to offer message boards or apps which enable members to communicate just in time.  This benefits law companies of all types, whether the solo practitioner looking for a private NYC meeting space to take a deposition, the multinational law firm starting a New York satellite office, or the midsize law practice looking to beef up its business continuity plan with an NYC virtual office.

Corporate Suites is a provider of office space in NYC services to the legal community for nearly two decades.  Lawyers, please weigh in below and offer your verdict as to how you see the social learning model working in your firm’s favor in a shared office space in NYC setting.  Or, if you’d like to share comments with us directly, please tweet to @corpsuitesnyc.


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