How to Select the Ideal Coworking Space for Your New Business

July 16, 2015 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

A coworking space is much more than simply a location for you and your employees to work. There are many factors to consider when making your choice in the proper office space. The ideal location should boost productivity, encourage focus and cooperation, and serve as a perfect area for your employees to produce at their greatest ability. Additionally, as a business owner, there are many unique considerations that come into factor, such as cost and any assets included within the space. All of these details can make the decision confusing and difficult.

ideal coworking space

Easy List to Help You Select the Ideal Coworking Space

With this list, you’ll find several things to consider when choosing a coworking space for your business. Keeping these things in mind when viewing potential locations will ensure you make the best decision for you, your business, and your employees.


The first and most important consideration is the cost of a coworking space. The saying, “You get what you pay for,” is certainly tried and true, so when viewing potential spaces, understand that attaining a “great deal” may not be the wise choice. The perfect area may be costly, but will benefit the business in the long run by boosting productivity and eventually profits. High-class areas, booming business districts, quality buildings, and proper accommodations will all raise the cost of the location. However, this does not mean the most expensive choice is the best. Overspending can also be a downfall of your business. If you spend a great deal on a coworking space, you may not have the budget to invest in vital things required to actually manage your business. So when you’re making your choice, be objective in the decision; something’s price does not always determine its quality. Be willing to pay more for a quality location, but don’t overspend.

Noise Levels

No matter your business type, it’s important that your employees are able to focus. Unnecessary distractions will draw attention away from work, losing the momentum needed to produce at their most quality level. When choosing a coworking space for your business, be sure it’s in a location that will provide noise control. This can mean choosing a building with soundproof walls, or selecting a location in a quiet rural area. If you place your employees in an environment constantly under construction with loud equipment, or in a busy traffic area with roaring cars, or near a park with many barking dogs, they end up suffering and so will the work.


It’s important than your coworking space is the proper size to accommodate the amount of workers you’ll be housing, and also have additional room for expansion. It is not cost effective to relocate your entire business after hiring on a few additional employees. This would also slow down productivity, as the move will be jarring to your employees who will require time to readjust. It’s important that your choice is cost effective and logical, but also leaves room for future improvement.


A coworking space should not only boost productivity and encourage your employees to work, but it should also be visually appealing to clients. Whether you are renting a single level or an entire building, your coworking space’s appearance is crucial, as it’s generally your introduction to clients. Customers will see your building before they see your services, and they will see your working environment before they speak to your employees. Be sure the location you select represents your business accurately. If you wish to be seen as professional and competent, having a building which appears as such can be a determining factor in attracting clients to your business or driving them to the competition.

Your Business Type

The working environment is supposed to encourage productivity, so it’s important than the space matches your business type. For example, if you manage a design company, having a coworking space which is bright, full of colors, and very specious may encourage creativity in your workers. However, for an accounting firm, a more organized and enclosed space that allows concentration and focus will fit your business; additionally, dimmer colors which are not distracting will help your employees worker harder and more efficiently. When choosing a coworking space, be sure that it fits your business type.


The proper coworking space will need all the available accommodations present for you and your employees; this will allow you to work seamlessly without needing to go to an outside location. There are a range of “necessities” that will vary depending on your business. Be sure to consider your business type and your employees, and decide what is necessary for a productive work day. This can include a kitchen to encourage employees to eat on-site rather than leaving, shifting their focus away from work and onto an outside distraction. If you conduct many large meetings or briefings, having a conference room will be important.

Other things which are considered frivolous may be essential to your business type; for example, if your business is in entertainment, having a game room for your employees to relax and be creative may in fact boost the quality of their work and productivity. However, having a game room in a bank could accomplish the opposite, as their work type requires little creativity; unless the end of the world begins before lunchtime, being well versed in killing Nazi Zombies during work hours has little benefit to the business. Consider your business, your employees, and the likelihood of the apocalypse before making your decision on a coworking space.

A coworking space is far more than just a place to work; there’s a delicate visual and mental balance which can determine if your business thrives or suffers. These decisions affect not only you and your employees, but also potential clients. With this in mind, it’s crucial to take all the details into consideration for your choice.

When making your decision, keep these things in mind and you will choose the perfect location.

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