Meeting Rooms in a Business Setting

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Renting for a Business Meeting

There are many different reasons to hold a meeting off-site, and renting a meeting room.

Did you know that 40% of Manhattan businesses including accounting and law firms hold off-site meetings? There are several reasons to rent. Often, a business center has professional staff, trained to provide all the necessary amenities and services needed. Also, many firms do not have professional meeting rooms on site, or may not have enough space. Many firms also work with meeting room providers or a meeting planner in case of disaster recovery. Business centers are also located in prestigious avenues, or landmark buildings, with the availability to hold your meetings in many different business locations, as necessary.

Another reason for off-site is for business continuity concerns or transitional office and meeting space. Any business must have the right strategy and the right planning to insure continuity. Many businesses plan for disaster recovery, which is very similar. The bottom line is you need to have a plan if something goes wrong, in advance. The most common type of plans, are technology based. However, for your business to operator smoothly, you need to have a strategy to be able to continue operating all your business functions, especially meetings. There are many services for business continuity, but establishing the right business relationship with a business center is important to ensure you are able to continue your business activities.

Here is an example:

NYC Case Study: The New York City steam pipe explosion interrupted business in over twenty office buildings in Midtown Manhattan. Not only were business people forced out of their offices for over a day, but their telephone and internet was down as well. Many workers had to remain at home, due to transportation difficulties. The best business continuity plan for this type of situation is to have a relationship with a temporary office and meeting room provider such as Corporate Suites, which may provide your business with all the amenities, to continue running your business smoothly. This example also shows the importance of having a well-set up telecommute system.

Let’s Being: This in-depth guide will provide you with the in’s and out’s of different kind of meeting room facilities, where to rent, benefits, and a comprehensive checklist.

Different Kinds of Meeting Facility Rental Options

Meeting Room in an Office Setting

When it comes to your business, the time will always come when you will need a conference or meeting room. If you need to rent a conference room or hold a meeting, how can you choose the best place to do this?

First, you need to evaluate your needs. These needs can vary greatly according to the size of your meeting and what type of conference you are holding.

In past years, business owners would hold a conference in a local hotel, restaurant, or even their own offices. These were some of the only spaces available to hold enough people to have a conference or business meeting if you were unable to do it in your own office building. However, the downside to hotels was that they did not always have the right amenities for the conference or meeting of your choice. While they may have the space, they didn’t have other features you would need.

This created a demand for other options and thus the conference room or meeting room was created. Now there are spaces available to the businessperson with the specific purpose of holding a business meeting or conference. You can rent or lease these spaces when you need them. This gives you more choice and more flexibility than you could typically expect from a hotel room or restaurant and there are often more added amenities that you simply can’t get with a hotel room. But this is just the beginning of the benefits. Read on to learn more about why this could be a good option for you.

Benefits to Renting Your Conference or Meeting Room

Now that you've heard a bit about what is available to you, are you wondering why this might be a good choice? Here are some of the benefits to renting a conference or meeting room for your business in a business center:

As you can see, there are many benefits to renting your conference or meeting room instead of holding your business meeting in a hotel or other area that is not equipped or convenient for your meeting needs.

This isn't to say that the meeting room will always replace the hotel. There are some situations where a hotel is the better option. A hotel can be a great option if you need large conferences (50+ people) with a large number of people attending. Some situations only a hotel can be equipped for but for smaller meetings and conferences, you will probably find more benefits and cost efficiency in the office building instead. A hotel may not have the proper tools you need when meeting with clients and it can be very impersonal. So once you decide you need a conference room, how do you choose one for your business?

Choosing a Conference Room or Meeting Room

When choosing a conference room or meeting room, what are some things you need to look for to be sure you are getting the right room for your needs? It can be a difficult task to determine exactly what meeting room type you need but there are some basic guidelines which will help make your task a little easier.

Consider these points:

  1. What is the size of the room?
  2. How many people will you need to accommodate?
  3. What amenities will you need in your conference space?
  4. How long will you need to have the conference space?
  5. What is your budget for renting?

These points will help you determine the right room for your business meeting needs. If you are looking for a particular place in your area, you may also want to ask around and see what meeting rooms fellow businesspeople have used and had success with. Asking for word of mouth referrals is a great way to find a good service provider for your business meeting needs. On that same note, when you rent a conference room that you are happy with, or use a service that you feel met your needs, be sure to spread that good word to other people in the business community that may also be interested in renting a conference room or meeting room as well.

When looking into conference space for rent, consider the size, the features, the price and the flexibility which is available from a particular location. All of these features combined will help you determine what is best for you and your needs. To make it even easier for you, we suggest forming a checklist for renting. When you have this basic checklist in place, you can refer to it each time you need a room and use it to balance your choices and pick the right one for you.

Checklist for Renting a Meeting Room

When you plan to rent or a conference or meeting room, you should formulate a checklist to help you ensure you are getting all the things you need for your business meeting. Having a professional meeting, organized the right way, will say a lot about you and your business. It's important that you're saying the right things and giving the right impression.

Here are some things you may want to have on your checklist:

Each of the things on this checklist may or may not be important to you. If it is not important, you can remove it from the list. Or, you can reorder your list to put your top priorities first. Just use this list as ideas and feel free to edit or add your own as you wish. The idea is to form a list of the things that are most important to you and then use this list when looking at potential sites for your conference or meeting rooms.

Summing it All Up

What can you learn from all of this? When you need to choose from conference rooms, meeting rooms and hotel business rooms for rent, you need to get all the facts to decide which one will work best for your needs. Because these are available for rent whenever and wherever you need them, you can choose according to your meeting and conference needs at that particular time. If the next time your needs call for something different, that will be available as well. You have the power of flexibility and you can use this to your complete advantage. Also, be sure to take into consideration business continuity, set up a plan and always be prepared.

This article is informational only, and is not in any way business advice. It should not substitute any legal advice. Information may be inaccurate.

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