Pop-Up Hotel Repurposes Manhattan Office Space Without Rebuilding

June 17, 2013 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Open floors of Manhattan office space have the potential to become much-needed hotel rooms with a Danish architectural firm’s Pop-Up Hotel concept. Architects from Pink Cloud developed a pre-fabricated solution that requires no build-out or permanent changes to building interiors. The idea was developed as an idea to simply repurpose older office buildings in the Midtown area.

New York had a record number of tourists in 2012, which has created a shortage of hotel rooms for the city’s guests. Pink Cloud hopes to remedy that problem with color-coded pre-fab panels and more to create everything from luxury rooms to hostel-like bunks for the budget-conscious traveler. The rooms are designed with modular furniture.

The firm didn’t forget amenities for the hotel guests, either. The pop-up hotel concept includes on-site dining, lounge areas, entertainment venues, and recreational facilities. The components arrive by truck to Manhattan and fit in standard-size elevators. They can be easily erected or taken down and moved to another location. The design allows the space to be converted back into offices and conference rooms in NYC in a matter of days.

Pop-Up Hotel designers won a $10,000 first-place prize for the concept at the Radical innovation in Hospitality contest held at the Hospitality Design Expo recently in Las Vegas.

Similar models have implemented storage containers and even trucks to create short-term living space. The bedrooms, complete with showers, can also be used to provide emergency shelter. Other designs focus on creating temporary workspace or even short-term space for retail establishments.