Level the Playing Field With a Virtual Address in NYC

January 19, 2017 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff


Let’s face it: image matters. For financial firms such as hedge funds, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms, and investment management companies, gaining the respect of the ultrawealthy individuals and institutions is heavily influenced by branding.  While commonly underestimated, the appearance of having an NYC office space in a fancy, upscale building in ritzy Manhattan makes a bold statement about your success. And nowadays, companies have found a way to reap the benefit of this luscious image whether or not services are actually delivered from that location!  A virtual address in NYC levels the playing field between the emerging company and the established enterprise and is a critical tool to be used by any financial firm who truly wants to impress those high net worth investors.

With the digital workforce transformation, the physical depth of a company isn’t that easy to discern anymore.  According to GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, between 20 and 25% of the workforce teleworks on some level. (GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com, 2016) Welcome to the age of the “invisible worker”, a time when a significant amount of meetings occur through videoconferencing apps such as Skype, Google Plus, or Gotomeeting.  To quote Hayim Grant of Corporate Suites, one of Manhattan’s most established shared office space companies and a provider of virtual offices in NYC:

Our clients find that most of the time, nobody is even aware of the fact that they’re using a virtual address in NYC. Most people don’t look past the Manhattan zip code.

Ah, the merits of virtual reality.  And by the way, in the quickly-becoming-rare instance when there is a face to face meeting, speed is everything. Having a centrally located office can mean the difference between getting the meeting or not.  One of the biggest perks, Grant says, of their 275 Madison Avenue center is its close proximity to Grand Central Terminal.

For Corporates Suites’ clients, many of whom include NYC’s top hedge funds, RIA firms, and investment management companies, having a virtual address in NYC plays a critical role in their brand.  Corporate Suites’ locations include some of Manhattan’s most luxurious, including 641 Lexington Avenue, a stone’s throw away from world-class landmarks such as the Lipstick Building, Citigroup Center, and Sutton Place, and other NYC office rental locations at the heart of Manhattan’s premier financial district.

On top of the virtual address in NYC, those utilizing many of Corporate Suites’ membership packages also benefit from having a 212 number. Nothing says, “I’ve made it” more than having somebody answer your phone, and Corporate Suites’ reception call answering service conveys precisely that sense of prestige.

A virtual address in NYC can enable an emerging company to elevate its brand and gain access to the higher-quality clients that are more discerning, the ones that won’t even take your call unless certain boxes are checked. To hear more about a Corporate Suites virtual address in NYC, or our other office space options like our NYC coworking spaces, NYC meeting rooms, or NYC office suites, contact us.


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