How to Secure an Executive Office Space in Manhattan

December 19, 2019 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

When it comes to building brand recognition and a strong clientele base, securing a New York city address can be a real game-changer. In addition to simply the prestige that comes with opening an executive office space in Manhattan, benefits to setting up shop in the city that never sleeps also include access to unmatched talent as well as the most innovative and cutting edge potential business partners.

Whether you’re an established corporation looking to break into a new competitive market or a startup hoping to hit the ground running in the Big Apple, the search for executive office space in Manhattan can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Read on to learn the benefits of investing in a Manhattan executive office, potential challenges you might encounter during your executive office space Manhattan search, and the cost you might expect to pay.

What to expect from Manhattan Executive Office Suites

With a Manhattan executive office, you can expect certain amenities that you might not otherwise get with other office spaces. For example, most Manhattan executive office suites come fully furnished, saving you the cost and hassle of purchasing quality furniture. Manhattan executive office spaces will typically come furnished with a spacious executive-style desk and comfortable desk chair, ample storage space, and desk lighting. Additionally, quality Manhattan executive office suites will feature a small table and chairs that give you the option to host clients in your space. Many Manhattan executive office suites providers will also give you access to nearby conference rooms in the event you need a larger meeting space.

Benefits to Manhattan Executive Office Suites

While the amenities offered within Manhattan executive office suites are important, the true benefits of securing a Manhattan executive office lie in the city itself. Benefits to expanding your business to the Big Apple include:

Unparalleled Talent

It is no secret that for years, recent college graduates and aggressive job seekers have flocked to New York City in search of their next big career opportunity. This makes the city more attractive to companies able to set up offices, as it gives them unparalleled access to a diverse group of highly accomplished job candidates to fill key roles within the business. By opening an executive office space in Manhattan, companies find that they have access to the most qualified talent compared to most other cities across the country.

Access to Key Business Partners

Manhattan is a hub for innovation, with unique startups and corporations headquartered right in the city. Having an executive office space in Manhattan puts you right in the middle of the action, increasing your chances of securing meetings with key business partners that could play an important role in taking your company to the next level.


Today, companies are placing a bigger emphasis on building a business that connects with a diverse clientele base. To do this, they must bring in a diverse set of perspectives and ideas. As the melting pot of the country, New York City allows businesses to

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