How To Make Employees Feel Good About an Office Move

July 30, 2019 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

There is a lot to consider when selecting the right NYC office space for your business. Price, location, and amenities are all important factors that determine whether or not a space is the right fit for you and your team. However once you’ve signed on the dotted line for your new office, the work isn’t over. When making an office move, it’s important not to overlook the impact will have on staff. As they adjust to their new workplace, you will likely experience a variety of ups and downs as everyone adjusts. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get your team on board and excited for an office move. Use the following office moving tips for employees for a smooth transition.

Maintain Communication. The most important part of managing an office move is to maintain strong communication with your employees from the early stages of the process through the move day and beyond. Once you’ve made the decision to move offices, be sure to explain to your team why you believe this is the right call for your business. They’ll appreciate the transparency and are more likely to support your decision. Once your staff has been informed that a move will take place, be sure to provide regular status updates as you move through the process. Let them know the locations you’re considering and the buildings on your list. Anything you can share will have a strong positive impact on team camaraderie and morale, as your employees will get the sense that their needs are being valued and accounted for.

Ask for Input. One of the easiest and most productive ways to get your employees excited for an office move is to ask for their input and help throughout the process. It has been shown that staff who played a role in selecting a new space ultimately find greater satisfaction in the new location. Plus, they feel a strong connection to and pride for the business having been involved in a major decision. Early on in the process, invite your staff to participate in brainstorming sessions for the move. Ask them which neighborhoods they feel would be the right fit given their commute, as well as the amenities they’d like in a new office. You might even consider developing various task forces to handle specific pieces of the move. While one task force could be dedicated to the interior design of the office, another could be in charge of seating arrangements.

An office move is a perfect opportunity to engage all members of your team, and they’ll sincerely appreciate the chance to have a say in a change that will impact their work life.

Schedule One-on-Ones. As you move through the time-consuming and at times chaotic process of transitioning to a new office space, it’s easy to overlook the individual needs of your employees as you focus on big-picture planning. However, not taking the time to check in with your staff can lead to major dissatisfaction after the move. Early in the process, schedule an individual meeting with each member of your team to hear their thoughts and discuss their concerns. You may need to work out unique relocation packages, schedule changes, or commuting challenges based on where employees live. Be sure to provide as much information as possible, compiling a guide to public transportation options, schools, restaurants and more your team might find useful near the new office.

Be Flexible. After the move, remember that it will take time for some employees to adjust. A new office means a new commute for many, so be understanding of late arrivals as they get used to new traffic patterns. Further, don’t take small complaints personally. Inevitably, you’ll hear a murmur or two about something someone doesn’t like. Maybe your old office was next door to a drug store, while the new office is a few blocks away. No matter what, rest assured that with time most issues and complaints will subside. Adjusting to a new work environment is a big ask of your team, so you must show compassion while the dust settles. Schedule one on one check-ins to gauge how employees are handling the transition. This also gives you the opportunity to troubleshoot problems before they lead to larger issues.

Corporate Suites

It is the goal of all businesses going through a move to minimize disruption to work and maintain employee satisfaction. Corporate Suites offers a variety of workplace solutions to ensure teams stay focused and productive while moving into a new space. From private offices to coworking spaces to conference rooms, we provide affordable short and long term spaces with state of the art amenities, perfect for companies in need of a place to work during an office move. Contact us today to discuss the options available to you and your team.