How To Create The Best Office Snack Station

November 18, 2019 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

When trying to create the best work environment to keep your team focused, comfortable, and productive, there are a number of factors to consider. For example, each employee should have adequate desk space to perform their daily tasks, should have access to amenities like high-speed internet and printing services that are crucial to the job, and should enjoy quality furniture that promotes good posture for sustained comfort throughout the day. While these are a given, an often overlooked source of focus and energy during the workday is food. Though what employees eat over lunch is a decision largely left up to each individual, more business owners are investing in snack stations to help curb hunger pangs that strike throughout the day. If you’re considering a snack station in your office, read on to learn why an office snack station is a good movie and tips for how to build the best office pantry.

Why Have a Snack Station at Work?

While it’s no secret that making positive choices with our food results in an overall healthier lifestyle, what is less often discussed is the impact of our food choices on productivity at work. However, what we eat can actually very strongly determine how we perform in the office. Some of the big ways in which diet affects how we work include:

Focus. Many studies have shown that employees that are hungry or who make poor food choices are more likely to lack focus at work. Experiencing hunger on the job often leads an individual to be more easily distracted, whether by their hunger or other external factors. What follows a lack of focus is, unsurprisingly, decreased productivity and subsequently a diminished job performance. On the other hand, employees who ensure they’re receiving healthy, balanced meals and snacks throughout the day, often with the help of a well-stocked office snack station, are able to remain focused and free of distractions.

Work Absences. Our diet impacts virtually every part of our bodies, even our immune systems. For this reason, when we don’t eat well our bodies often have a much more difficult time fighting off illnesses and staying well. It has been shown, therefore, that employees who do not eat proper, healthy meals on a regular basis use more sick days and miss work more often. This, in turn, can ultimately lead to lost wages and in severe cases, the loss of a job. On the other hand, staff members who maintain good nutritional habits have fewer work absences.

Afternoon Fatigue. Anyone who has worked in an office has experienced the afternoon slump one time or another. When this happens, many of us immediately reach for a cup of coffee thinking a lack of caffeine could be to blame. What you may not have realized that this slump could be caused by your diet, whether it be too much sugar, a lack of food, or possibly too many carbs. Without the right foods, your body loses the energy it needs to get you through the day. A snack station at work stocked with the right foods can help fight a sudden loss of energy.

Everyone knows eating healthy food is, well, healthy. But many people would be surprised just how much difference a healthy diet can make. Here are just a few ways food choices can impact your employees and company.

Creating a Killer Office Snack Station

Now that we’ve explored the way food can impact our work performance, you may be wondering just how to create the best office pantry for your team. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple to create a killer office snack station your employees will love.

Fill the fridge and pantry with healthy snacks

The easiest way to ensure your team is making healthy choices when it comes to food is to create an office snack station full of healthy fresh produce and packaged options. There are a variety of items you can include in your snack station at work, including:

Fruits and veggies

No office snack station is complete without a selection of fruits and vegetables to choose from. By offering healthy foods your team can grab on the go, you’re helping to make good nutritional habits more attainable. Pack your snack station at work with apples, oranges, bananas, berries, carrots, celery, and more. The best part is that most fruits and veggies last at least a few days before going bad, so you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

Protein and meal bars

When hunger hits between meals, it’s easy to give in to unhealthy options that don’t leave us satisfied. Protein and meal bars are a great option for office snack stations because they not only leave you feeling full, but they also offer great nutritional value. Further, bars are a staple for the best office pantry because they are an on-the-go option your employees can take with them when needed.

Healthy drinks

Sugary, carbonated beverages are a common source of unhealthy choices at work. Your office snack station should definitely include some healthy drink options. For the best office pantry, consider flavored waters, natural juices, and unsweetened iced teas for your snack station at work.


Another great addition to your office snack station should be nuts. Nuts are a filling, protein-packed snack that will take the edge off between meals. Plus, there are so many different types of nuts to choose from, you’re sure to please almost everyone in the office. Fill your snack station at work with almonds, peanuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, and more. Or, for the truly best office pantry, consider adding a trail mix that pairs nuts with sweet and salty favorites like raisins and chocolate candies.

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