How a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

April 05, 2022 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

A clean office can greatly increase productivity by minimizing distractions and making room for creativity. The brain has greater focus and concentration when clutter is reduced, which increases productivity at work.

There’s an old saying that reminds us that the state of our space reflects our state of mind. There is a big correlation between the way you feel and how you maintain your workspace. A clean and neat office means that you feel productive, progressive, and constructive.

A messy space floats above our heads like a dark cloud that interferes with our goals and productivity. Keeping a clean office not only makes you feel more relaxed but also significantly improves your productivity.

Let’s explore more about how a clean office can boost productivity!

Employees Will be Happier

Employees spend a significant amount of time at work. The office becomes like their second home and their co-workers part of their family. When a company has efficient systems in place, it can maintain complete order and cleanliness.

A clean and organized office helps employees feel valued. It elevates the company to high standards and it allows employees to experience enhanced creativity and energy, thus boosting productivity.

One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that a clean space allows for better focus. There are no distractions when the office is clean. Employees can easily locate the items for which they are looking and don’t spend time rummaging through clutter.

Paperwork can get out of hand very quickly, which is why having systems in place will prevent clutter from taking over workspaces. A neat office will help employees produce more and in turn, feel a higher sense of accomplishment.

Stimulates Creativity

Although some creative people say that their mess is part of their process, having excessive clutter does not promote clear and creative thinking. In an office, it is beneficial to keep all items in total order. There are documents, tools, and even computer files that consistently need to be kept in place.

As employees take the time to declutter their space consistently, they start to notice that they feel more relaxed and creative. As they can enjoy a neat and clean environment all over the office, the whole morale of the company gets a boost. Cleanliness will be reflected in the office cafeteria and other common spaces, making the whole company more conscious of keeping order. The corporate culture will be one of high standards and luxury. Even the simple spaces can feel luxurious when they are spotless!

Increases Mental Focus for Work

A report published by Harvard Business Review found a strong correlation between the physical environment of the workplace and employee performance. A worker loses precious time looking for something in a cluttered mess while increasing frustration and stress. Research indicates that the physical environment has an impact on a person’s emotions, behavior, cognition, decision-making, and relationship with others.

Decreases Tension and Stress

Cluttered and messy places have detrimental effects on anxiety and stress levels. The brain’s ability to focus becomes diminished, sleep quality suffers, and it even leads to poor nutritional choices. Whether at home or in the workplace, a clean space creates a better overall outcome.

When it comes to businesses, having a clean office is not only important for employee morale but also affects profitability. Experts state that the stress experienced by workers leads to various health conditions that are costing American companies up to $190 billion annually. Keeping a clean office space plays a major role in how employees and the company as a whole perform.

A Clean Space Means Higher Working Time

A Study published on ResearchGate details the impact that a clean office has on the productivity of employees. A clean environment will allow employees to spend more time working rather than fuzzing and tripping around the clutter.

The study also found that cleanliness also impacts employees’ satisfaction at work. Happier employees tend to spend more time being productive at work instead of avoiding tasks or even calling in sick.

Companies who keep a tidy workspace for their employees reap the benefits of higher productivity, increased profits, higher employee retention, and a healthier corporate culture.

Staying Healthy With a Clean Workspace

Cleanliness in the office also decreases the chances of employees becoming sick. Many potentially harmful bacteria thrive in office spaces. Keeping workstations clean prevent germs from spreading. It also reduces allergies and prevents employees from calling in sick and not showing up to work.

Besides physical health, a clean office improves mental health. Some employees can easily become anxious and stressed in a messy environment. Employees thrive in a clean office that provides a sense of consistency and order.

Increases Employees’ Motivation

It is easy to become discouraged when the space is so messy that you don’t even know how to start your workday. Employees who can enjoy a clean and orderly place feel more enthusiastic and motivated about their roles. They are eager to come to work and can perform quality work. The order catches on very easily and quickly becomes part of the corporate culture.

Decreases the Number of Employees that Call in Sick

No matter if employees are truly sick or just sick of coming to work, having a clean office promotes less absence from work. Sick days can cost a company a significant amount of money each year. Plus, if the employee really becomes sick, companies will pay less on healthcare costs. An orderly office ensures that employees stay healthy and are motivated to come to work.

No More Time Spent Searching For Items

A large amount of time can be spent looking for items that are lost in the mess. It creates a frustrating situation for those that are urgently looking for something and can’t find it. It is a situation that is unprofessional and makes workers feel inadequate. Work is supposed to flow well with order and clarity of the task at hand. When the workspace is organized, employees can easily experience a nice flow throughout the workday resulting in maximum productivity.

Prevents Injuries

There are countless cases of people tripping and falling over items on the floor or spilling hot coffee on their lap because of a messy desk. Keeping a clean office creates a space where people are not prone to accidents. It is a joy to easily move around your workspace without tripping on anything or feeling like you have to carefully consider your every move to prevent bumping into things.

Increases a Company’s Employee Retention Rate

Employees want to feel like they belong to an organization that displays high standards. No one wants to be part of a chaotic company where they feel like they are part of a circus. Employees who enjoy their work environment are more likely to keep their jobs and have strong work relationships with their colleagues.

High turnover ratios cost companies a lot of money and missed revenue. The more a company invests in creating a neat and exciting work environment for its employees, the more the company will thrive.

A Clean Office Keeps Tools and Equipment in Working Order

Another advantage of keeping a steady cleaning system in the office is that all the equipment and work tools will stay in great shape. Everything requires consistent maintenance, which is why cleaning systems must be in place in an office to ensure it consistently stays clean and tidy.

Save Time and Energy for Productive Activities

In a clean environment, employees will have more time and energy to be productive at their job. A messy office causes employees to spend senseless time and energy fluttering around the office mindlessly as they try to figure out what it is that they need to do first. Other employees spend time away from their messy desks just to get away from the clutter. A clean office space ensures that employees can focus on work without any distractions.

A Clean Office Increases Profits and Saves Money

A clean office produces increased profits by making employees more productive. It saves companies money on missed workdays and healthcare costs. Money will not be spent replacing items that get lost or paying employees for time spent going through the clutter. A neat workspace can be achieved by implementing systems that are practiced every day to prevent clutter from getting out of hand.


Does a clean office improve productivity?

Most certainly! A clean office increases productivity by allowing workers to increase focus and creativity. It also saves time and energy spent focused on the mess instead of being productive.

How does a clean workplace affect productivity?

When the workplace is clean, employees have the mental focus and disposition to tackle their tasks in the most productive way. A messy cluttered office space does not allow people to focus on maximizing their productivity. Instead, it creates tension and stress, which leads to sick days, low employee morale, and unhappy employees.

How does a messy desk affect workflow

Absolutely! This topic has been studied by experts who have found an increase in productivity when people are able to work in a clean and organized space. Certainly, the workday flows easily and productively in a clean office environment.

Why you should keep your desk clean

When you keep a clean desk, you will immediately feel a sense of accomplishment. A clean desk allows you to easily perform tasks without the interruption of looking for a lost item. Plus, you will also experience more mental clarity, focus, and a boost of energy when you see that a clean space is waiting for you.

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