Grand Central sees Healthy Hotel Growth

Fri, 26 Oct 2012 | Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Grand Central Terminal is usually not thought of as a place to go for improving health, wellness and physical fitness. However, with the introduction of “Even”, a new hotel with a focus on health and wellness, InterContinental Hotels Group is hoping that business travelers can stay on-track with their fitness goals near the major MTA MetroNorth Hub

Grand Central Terminal Getting Healthier With “Even”

New York was ranked as one of the top 50 healthiest cities in the USA and has undertaken several health-based intiatives, including smoking cessation programs and restrictions on soft drink sales. Combined with the high demand for hotels in Midtown Manhattan, IHG believes that Even will be a success, and hopes to expand operations throughout the country, with the Grand Central location being the flagship property.

The hotel, to be part of a newly constructed tower near Grand Central, will contain about 200 rooms, with meeting and conference rooms in NYC as well as dedicated indoor and outdoor areas for exercise. In addition, dedicate laundry service for workout gear and nutritious dining options give guests the tools to stay healthy while traveling.

‘Even’ is not the only option for business travelers looking to stay healthy. The Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C. offers gym clothes and athlethic shoes to it’s guests; and the national Sheraton hotel chain has invested over $100 million in upgraded gym facilities and guest services focused on fitness.

Traditional Hotel Experiences are Still In Abundance

Of course, those looking for a more traditional hotel experience have plenty of options in New York’s busiest business and tourism district, near Times Square, Bryant Park and other major landmarks. The Westin Grand Central recently opened to new guests, with a ribbon cutting cermony from Mayor Bloomberg this past Friday.

We offer several office space locations near Grand Central Station, but no matter where you’re going, we hope you stay healthy and happy in your travels!


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