Does Coworking Have to Mean the End of Office Formality in NYC?

April 24, 2017 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

With remote workforce trends and casual dress becoming the norm, there’s been a paradigm shift in American business culture ushering in the age of the office free-for-all. Has the civilized working world become lost forever? This blog explores whether coworking in NYC has to happen with an informal look and feel if there truly still exists a need for shared office space that is discrete, formal, and elegant, and the merits of the latter.

Privacy, Anybody?

We’ve commented before on the power of private office discretion and how most facilities providing coworking space are not equipped to uphold privacy. Additionally, one should consider the benefits of being in a low noise environment for reasons of focus and concentration.

Coworking Can Bring Formality Advantages

Despite what many may think, formal settings do not necessarily discourage teamwork and effective communication. It is a misperception that open office environments so typical of coworking foster a greater ability to collaborate.  In fact, what formal office cultures manage to do very well is to make boundary lines clear. When they are crossed, it can develop into awkward social situations that are not that easy for a workforce to recover from.

Elegance Extinction

While style is unique to each, elegance can be a wonderful attribute in a company’s branding. In a business world rapidly evolving into the office free for all, elegance is becoming rarer by the minute. It can and will set you apart. The characteristic of being understated, pristine, and of a high-quality ilk can do wonders – both for a company’s internal morale and also for its external brand, all of which have a direct impact on performance and reputation. These are two critical drivers of the bottom line.

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