Creating Healthy Workplaces in Your New Office

July 08, 2019 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Modern office jobs can have a significant impact on health given the number of hours the average employee spends at work. For this reason, many companies have shifted the way their offices are laid out to not only boost productivity, but to also help improve staff’s physical and mental health. Even still with today’s open floor plans, diverse workstations, and sleek, modern decor, many jobs still require employees to be sedentary in front of a computer for extended periods of time. Fortunately, many companies are investing time to research how best to create a healthy office space. From ergonomic furniture to healthy snacks to better light, implementing healthy workplace additions is easier than ever.


We’ve all heard reports of big tech companies serving staff delicious, gourmet meals on a daily basis. While you may not have the budget yet to do the same, it’s important to consider what food options, if any, you’re providing for your employees. Access to healthy and nutritious meals and snacks is key to your team feeling focused and energized throughout the day, instead of hitting that dreaded afternoon slump. Some steps you can take to make nutritious food options more readily available to your employees include:

  • — Limiting access to processed foods. The danger of the vending machine is real. To create a healthier work environment, forgo the vending machines altogether, or stock with more nutritious options.
  • — Make fruits and vegetables readily available. Place bowls of fresh fruit and veggie platters in common areas so that when hunger strikes, it’s easy for your team members to make healthy choices.
  • — Promote local healthy restaurants. If most of your employees head out of the office for lunch, take time to research nearby healthy restaurants and share with the team.


It may come as no surprise that access to clean water during the workday plays an important role in employee focus and energy levels. The less water we consume, the more likely we are to experience decreased alertness, attention span, and productivity. If you haven’t done so already, install a water cooler in your office. To ensure your team is taking full advantage of this amenity, educate your team on the benefits of water and share tips on how to consume the recommended daily amount.


In an office environment, one aspect of health and wellbeing that often gets overlooked is air quality. However, workplaces with poor air quality can see a significant impact on employee health. Further, offices with good air quality have been shown to see a boost in productivity. Some of the steps you might consider to improve the air quality of your office include:

  • — Installing an air filtration system. One of the first steps you should take, installing an air filtration system is a quick, easy, and affordable solution to instantly improve employee health. Research local professionals who can match you with the right system for your space.
  • — Limiting clutter. As boxes, papers, and other supplies pile up in the office, so does dust and other pollutants. Keeping your office neat and clean works wonders for improving air quality.
  • — Implementing a no-smoking policy. While you can’t force your employees to quit smoking, you can implement a no-smoking policy which states that smoking isn’t allowed in the vicinity of the building. In addition, you might also consider providing your team with resources to help them quit if they express interest.
  • — Adding office plants. One of the easiest and most cost-effective methods to improve air quality is by filling your workplace with plants. Not only will air be fresher, but your space will look great too.

Wellness & Activity

It’s likely that members of your team sit for most of the workday. For this reason, it’s important to provide staff with convenient ways to get up and move to keep them focused, energized, and active for improved concentration and productivity. Get your team moving by:

  • — Providing access to standing desks. Standing desks have been shown to help users burn more calories throughout the day, while also improving posture. Consider placing a few standing desks around your office, or giving staff members the option to replace their traditional desk with a standing desk alternative.
  • — Creating a workout room. If you have space, creating a workout room or gym is the best way to promote physical activity. Staff can fit a workout in before, during, or after work when it works for their schedule.
  • — Encouraging the use of stairs. If you’re building has an elevator, taking the stairs is not the most attractive option. However, reminding your team that the stairs are an easy way to take more steps and burn additional calories is important. Jumpstart a ‘stair’ culture in your office by planning a competitive challenge to get staff excited.


One of the leading causes of an unhealthy work environment is stress. A fast-paced work environment, meeting-filled days, and long hours instantly increase stress levels, leading to lower quality of work, decreased mental health, and poor concentration. Take time to implement stress-reducing additions to your office such as:

  • — Meditation space. Giving your staff a quiet place to relax and step away from work can work wonders. Whether located on an outdoor patio or in a Zen room with calm lighting and plants, your staff will leave refreshed and ready to take on whatever pops up next.
  • — Common areas. Comfortable common areas where your team can engage in small talk or work-related collaboration can help promote relaxation. Invest in quality furniture and place healthy snacks nearby.

Healthy Workplaces from Corporate Suites

Finding affordable, healthy workplace options for your team in NYC is quick and easy with Corporate Suites wide range of office solutions. For a price that works for your business, you’ll have access to a range of amenities to keep you and your staff focused, energized, and productive. Contact us today to discuss our NYC coworking spaces, private offices, NYC meeting rooms, and virtual offices to see which option fits your needs.