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Virtual Offices Case Study

The professional decides to join Corporate Suites virtual office services program. She now has a prestigious New York City business address to use on her business letterhead and business cards and an area code 212 phone and fax number that are professionally answered in her business name. Corporate Suites receives and forwards her mail to her in accordance with her specific instructions. Sometimes when she is expecting urgent mail, Corporate Suites staff scans and emails her the mail. When she has important meetings, she reserves a professional conference room at the business center and when she is in needs of some extra workspace, she rents an office for the day. She knows that when her business becomes large enough, she can rent a full time office from Corporate Suites and keep the same address and phone number as she had for her virtual office.

A Virtual Office from Corporate Suites provides a flexible, cost-effective solution to bolster your corporate image and receive professional business support while freeing you to focus on your business.

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