The Solo Professional

Office Solutions Case Study

Traditional Office Space Solution

The attorney leases an office in a traditional office building. He utilizes unpredictable, part time staff to assist him in running his office. Without full time phone answering and someone available to accept packages at all times, he cannot serve his clients well. When he is in his private office he is usually all alone with little social interaction or opportunity for networking. He is regularly bothered by equipment repairs and telecom service providers and often spends his valuable billable time on hold waiting for assistance.

The Corporate Suites Solution

The attorney joins Corporate Suites. His phone is answered in his name during business hours and he receives his messages promptly and his packages are accepted. His IT and administrative tasks are seamlessly handled by in-house staff. He also has access to fully equipped conference rooms in NYC and his private office is situated in a vibrant social atmosphere with the potential to service his neighbors’ legal needs. The attorney signs a six month contract which provides him with the flexibility to grow or redesign his office solution. He focuses most of his time on developing his business and growing his client base while Corporate Suites focuses on running his office. Eventually, he builds professional and social relationships with his neighbors at Corporate Suites.

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