Best Tips for Jazzing Up a NYC Meeting Space (On a Budget)

August 07, 2017 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

You don’t have to hire a professional designer to create visual appeal in your NYC meeting space. The right artwork can add a splash of vibrancy to your venue without costing a fortune. Follow these simple guidelines to transform your event space or meeting room into a work of art.

Turn Up the Color

When choosing a piece of artwork for a NYC meeting space, pay special attention to the color.  Learn from what Corporate Suites business center has done in its 1180 Avenue of the Americas location.

This artwork adds a splash of color to the lobby of the coworking space at 1180 Avenue of the Americas.

You can see below that the hues in the artwork match those in the wall behind the reception area. This is a great way to welcome guests with a burst of warm color. Also, be mindful of the message that the artwork carries. You’ll notice that this portrait depicts imagery of people.  This is a great choice for Corporate Suites as the reception area makes the first real impression of a company’s brand. Achieving this not only through a warm greeting from the front office staff but also with pictures of people will make your visitors feel as if they’re entering into a social experience and a great office community.

Don’t Let the Lack of Windows Frame Your Thinking

Natural light is one of the best ways to stimulate your workforce. But what if you’re surrounded by windowless walls? You can breathe life into the NYC office space using other elements such as flowers and even a fish tank.  If not, include pictures or a statue of them.

Glass walls are a great way to increase transparency and foster at an atmosphere of openness in a venue. But that’s not the only benefit! They can also be used as a place to sketch out notes during a company meeting as opposed to hanging a clunky, opaque whiteboard.

Calm a Tense Atmosphere

Especially in an NYC meeting space, it’s not uncommon for your nerves to get the best of you in a tenuous business meeting. Counteract these vibes with soothing artwork that creates an atmosphere of peace and promotes cordial conversation, as does this beautiful piece from Corporate Suites’ venue at 1001 Avenue of the Americas.

The artwork in the NYC meeting space at 1001 Avenue of the Americas has a soothing effect on meeting participants.

Swing from the Chandeliers

Figuratively, that is. We’re talking about professional office space after all.

Done selectively, the right wall hanging fixture can add a touch of intrigue to an otherwise barren space. Witness below the video of Corporate Suites’ 2 Park Avenue business center. The pendant-style hanging globes soften the modern angular motif surrounding and add a fuzzy glow.


Use this effect for an NYC meeting space where you expect communal gatherings to take place. Suspending the light fixtures above the event space prevents cluttering with floor lamps. It also adds an informal accent to promote socializing and lighten up the mood. This works especially well in a spacious open office environment.

Hanging light fixtures also work great for entryways. View below another example of hanging light fixtures from the lobby of Corporate Suites at 1001 Avenue of the Americas.

The hanging light fixtures at this 1001 avenue americas business center offer an exquisite touch to the lobby visitors.

Tips for Decorating on a Budget

Beautiful artwork is a great addition to any NYC meeting space, but (let’s be real, shall we?) it can come with a big price tag. There are a few ways for NYC companies to decorate on a budget.

First, consider that the employees and even for some companies the clients and vendor partners carry heavy influence on the brand. You can convey messaging about the mission of the company visually by adorning your office space with items that they themselves have created. This can range from artwork, company photos, or pictures of well-known clients that your company may have worked within the past.

Second, remember that being in a company’s office is as much about the people as about the architecture. When the aesthetic has a social element, it makes a statement about the workforce. It shows that the company’s service or product lives in others.

This idea of sharing experiences is the foundation for modern-day social media. Why is Facebook so popular with billions of people? Because people love looking at pictures of other people that are doing something that they are curious about. Have you ever been to a doctor’s office and see a photo wall of smiling, radiant patients who seem to be enjoying what may have otherwise been imaged to be a painful experience? It takes the edge off to see those who have been there before you — and in a way serves as a kind of client reference or testimonial.

If the budget is too tight to afford any wiggle room at all, remember that there are a myriad of space options for companies in NYC. You may want to leave the office design work to someone else by renting a furnished office space. For some small companies, having their own dedicated space makes sense. For others, pursuing a coworking or shared office space arrangement may be the better way to go economically. Learn when it makes financial sense to rent furnished office space in NYC.

Lastly, consider a service swap. One of the best thing about being in a shared office space environment in a place like NYC is the eclectic mix of talented professionals that you are exposed to. If cash is hard to come by, there’s no reason you can’t strike up a deal with a coworking colleague who wouldn’t mind receiving some of your support services in advance for their business. Many business centers have a community manager who can connect one member to another when such requests arise. There is power in numbers – use the resources in your community!

Summary: The Roundup on Decorating a NYC Meeting Space

While the solutions range from mundane to the daring, there are many ways to decorate your venue without tugging too hard on the purse strings. The common denominator for many of these techniques is capitalizing on the human element by connecting with the people involved with your business, whether they be colleagues in a shared office space, clients, vendors, or somewhere in between.

Have we inspired your creativity yet? If so, comment below and let us know what you are planning to do to spruce up your NYC meeting room or office space. Or if you’ve decided that acting as the next Pablo Picasso isn’t your cup of tea, email to arrange your private tour of our 8 elegantly decorated furnished office and meeting space options in NYC! Contact us today!