Benefits of Having a Green Office

May 24, 2019 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

When selecting an NYC office space for your business, there is likely a long list of factors you take into account before signing on the dotted line. Price, location, square footage, and amenities are among the most obvious factors to consider that can make or break your decision to proceed with a specific office space.

Have you also considered the environmental impact of your building? Now more than ever, companies across industries are now taking responsibility to reduce the impact their work has on the environment by creating green office environments and seeking out green NYC office space options. The following information will help you learn what exactly green offices are, and tips you can implement to build a green office environment.

What is a Green Office Environment?

So, what exactly is a green office? Simply put, a green office takes into account the construction, design, and operational practices to reduce environmental impact as much as possible. Not only do green offices take into account the environmental impact of the actual building in which their business resides, but also the impact of the office products purchased and transportation options available to employees. A green office environment would ask: do most staff commute in personal vehicles to the office? Or, are their public transportation or carpooling options available? While it can seem a bit overwhelming to adjust the operations of your office so that they are more environmentally focused, there are a variety of green office tips you and your staff can take to quickly and easily reduce your impact.

Benefits of Green Offices

There are a wide range of benefits to following green office tips that businesses will enjoy after instituting green practices. Some of the most impactful benefits to having a green office environment include:

Positive Public Relations.

In an increasingly environmentally-conscious society, companies that make the effort to go green are likely to receive public acknowledgement from clients about the steps they’ve taken to protect the earth. This positive public attention can have a direct impact on your business, driving new customers to seek out your services. If you’re conducting a big re-haul of your company practices, you don’t have to wait for the public to notice. Consider releasing a press release that details all the ways your business plans to go green.

Saving Money.

One of the best parts about having a green office environment is that you will inevitably save money. Going green lowers energy costs, as well as the costs required for office materials.

Increased Appeal to New Employees.

When hiring for open positions, some businesses struggle to find quality talent. Green offices raise the profile of your company, making you an attractive option for job-seekers with similar values. When publishing open positions, be sure to note your green practices that are sure to make your company stand out among a sea of other businesses.

Increased Productivity.

Studies have shown that green offices even boost productivity among employees. Staff that is proud of the company they work for and who stand behind the practices of their businesses, will be inspired to work hard and fully contribute to achieve overall goals.

Positive Environmental Impact.

The most obvious benefit of a green office environment, of course, is the positive environmental impact. Taking care of our earth is the right thing to do, and even the small changes your company makes to reduce your carbon footprint will count towards protecting the planet. The actions your business takes has the potential to inspire other companies to do the same.

Green Office Tips to Follow

Now that we’ve explored the many benefits to having a green office environment, you might be curious to know green office tips you can implement. The following green office tips can set you on your way to going green.

Use Electricity Wisely.

One of the first green office tips businesses adopt when adjusting their practices is to evaluate their electricity usage. Taking the time to turn off printers, computers, and lights at the end of the day can significantly reduce your energy use – and your energy bill. Also, be sure your electronics are set to energy-saving mode. This typically ensures they go to ‘rest’ mode when not in use for an extended period of time.

Purchase Environmentally Friendly Office Products.

Another of the green office tips to adopt is to purchase office products that are less harmful to the environment. This could include 100% recycled office paper, cleaning products with fewer damaging chemicals, and refillable ink cartridges.

Cut the Commute.

Giving your team the option to telecommute a few days out of the week can cut down on pollution, while also giving employees more time to focus on work during the times when they’re usually sitting in traffic.

Try to Go Paper Free.

Another of the green office tips to try is to go paper-free. While cutting out paper can seem intimidating at first, most teams find the adjustment process a quick one. Try to print only when necessary, reading the information directly from the computer when possible.

Green Office Space NYC from Corporate Suites

With so many available buildings to choose from, you may be wondering what your green office space NYC options are. Fortunately, environmentally-conscious workspaces for your business are easier to find than you might think. Corporate Suites is proud to offer businesses of all sizes a variety of green office space NYC options to choose from. Whether you’re in need of NYC virtual offices, NYC office suites, NYC meeting spaces, NYC coworking spaces and more, we’ve got just the right solution to meet your needs. In each of our green office space NYC selections, we follow strict guidelines to reduce our impact to create a healthier earth. Contact us today to discuss our short-term office solutions.