8 Reasons Why A Virtual Address is Better than a P.O. Box

Wed, 12 Oct 2016 | Written by Corporate Suites Staff

New businesses, startups, and even major corporations are finding that a physical office just isn’t necessary. Digital offices are cost effective and produce better work. But there’s still one problem. What is your address going to be? virtual address nyc Whether it’s for receiving mail or legal purposes, businesses need a physical address, and that’s the one thing the internet can’t give us. The simple solution is opening a P.O. Box and calling it a day, but on the contrary – what you need is a virtual address. It can save you money, keep your business safer, and even boost your success as a whole.

How does a virtual address help you?

1.    It Looks More Professional

A P.O. Box will make your business look uncommitted or low-budget, since that’s the kind of mailing address you would choose for your personal life, not for your highly successful business. That’s a bad message to send partners or clients. However, a virtual address gives the impression of a physical office, which shows enough success to afford it and enough commitment to your business to make that kind of investment.

2.    You’re Not Tied Down By a Physical Locale

If you travel often, being tied down to a single mailbox in a certain location means you have to either stay put or accept that packages are being sent back. Even more, if your employees work remotely, you’re signing up for trouble making sure everyone has copies of the right letters or access to mail addressed to them. With a virtual address, all your letters will be scanned and forwarded to your email, where you can share them digitally with others or request that they are physically sent to your personal address.

3.    You Can Choose the Most Impressive Address, Not the Most Available

Image is everything. Even if your business is the best of the bunch, having an address that places it in the bad side of town will give clients the impression that you deserve to be in the bad side of town. A ritzy address, on the other hand, shows status and success in a glance. With a virtual address, you can rent just the mailing address without the extra cost of the office, making it possible for even a small business to afford that shiny and impressive location to advertise on business cards or websites.

4.    It’s Like Having a Mailing Assistant

Running a successful business isn’t about being everywhere at once – it’s about making sure the right people are on the right jobs, saving you time. Virtual addresses have automated systems and sometimes workers themselves in charge of sorting through mail, scanning and sending them to receivers, and even corresponding with clients personally. By having this assistant on the job, instead of handling that mundane task yourself, you can stay focused on more important matters while they scan full letters and forward them to you, manage packages, and get rid of junk mail.

5.    You Get the Benefits of an Office Without the Cost

No matter how virtual your business is, there are times where every entrepreneur needs to sit down with clients to talk numbers or review plans. While inviting a client or business partner to your home or a café does save time and money, it doesn’t scream professionalism. A virtual address, however, has commodities that a P.O. Box just doesn’t, such as conference rooms or office space to rent last-minute. That high-end locale you originally chose the address for now pays off, since you can use its meeting rooms to impress clients with great equipment and city-views without a price tag that would break a small business budget.

6.    You Have More Privacy

P.O. Boxes are much more private than a street address, but it still doesn’t take much for a curious someone or a weird client to track you down. When you’re having a party, a well-earned day off, or just don’t have to meet with clients outside of an appointment, having someone show up at your door is more than a little unsettling. A virtual address keeps your privacy more secure, with no chance of someone finding your personal address without permission. Furthermore, if you have an assistant, they can inform you that a client wishes to meet in person so you can arrange for an appointment ahead of time.

7.    Google Can Better Advertise You

Reviewing sites like Yelp need an address to advertise you, and Google itself takes more kindly to websites that boast of a physical address than those that don’t. However, P.O. Boxes don’t cut it – that shows customers a post office, not an office or a storefront, and search engines will brush right over it. A virtual office gives you a literal street address to paste on your website or these reviewing sites. The more popular the locale is, the higher it will take you up in the recommendations. Even if a customer doesn’t plan on visiting your office, when they Google the best businesses of your kind, the closer you are to them, the greater your chances of being suggested to them.

8.    No Time to Pick Up Mail? No Problem

If travel plans have you all over the place or a crunch at work is keeping you indoors 24/7, you may not have the chance to pop down to your P.O. Box and pick up the mail. If you forget about it altogether, you have urgent letters being ignored or packages getting sent back. That’s not only a headache to sort out, but if that package had some important equipment you needed immediately, you’re just out of luck, and legal documents don’t take kindly to being ignored. A virtual address, however, leaves someone else in charge of making sure your packages are signed for and you’re notified when mail shows up. A simple email alert will keep you updated and a small price will make sure you actually receive your mail as it arrives, without oversights.

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