6 Reasons Coworking Spaces Are Becoming Popular

January 06, 2016 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

With so many new businesses and solo-entrepreneurs coming onto the scene, creative methods for conducting work, networking, and designing an office space are being discovered every day. Out of the vast lineup, one, in particular, has exploded in popularity, becoming the favored choice for not only new startups but for already established businesses looking to keep up with the times. This, as you may have heard already, is a coworking space.

Now, sure, the concept is nothing new, but a new approach has been added to its list of features thanks to more independent workers searching to find their place in the business world. Bring Your Own Device, a range of technological innovations, and new niches being created altogether demand a workspace that is creative, flexible, and cost-effective for businesses on a budget.

The coworking space – also known as a shared office – is no longer two employees in a cubicle. In fact, it’s become something much more complex and exciting. Here are six advantages which have made a shared office space the most popular option in the modern age.

There are A Wide Range of Options

Diversity and creativity are the name of the game in the modern workforce, with entrepreneurs and new startups bringing an entirely new perspective and approach to offering services, creating projects, and generally getting things done. With this in mind, it’s clear why the coworking space craze would follow the same trend – no two shared office spaces are the same. This means you can find the option that works best for you.

If you’re the social butterfly who works best when surrounded by activity and other minds, then there are some ‘shared office space groups,’ where professionals from every style of career gather into one great building with individual desks and even more enclosed workspaces with privacy screens. Here they are encouraged to interact and engage, providing an arena to complement your style.

For the professional who wants an office but doesn’t want the distractions, there are several shared workplaces that operate much like a roommate agreement; a single room with two desks, allowing workers to interact as much as they please or simply come and go without saying a word, splitting the costs and splitting the maintenance for the most economical experience.

New Insights from Different Fields

A shared office space brings together the most unlikely workers. As a content writer, you may find yourself next to an engineer; or as a fashion designer, you could be sitting next to a software developer. While these may not present any direct advantages to your business, innovation comes from new perspectives, and these polar opposite fields could offer insights you’d never find within your own career path. A random conversation with your neighboring engineer or software developer during a coffee break could lead to a breakthrough in your project, a creative spin on a service that launches you ahead of the competition, or a tip that boosts your productivity in unexpected ways.

Cross-Field Collaboration and Partnership

If you are a graphic design company and need a programmer to help create your website, who better than the expert working beside you? A shared office space makes outsourcing even faster and more efficient, with the ability to collaborate on projects and different facets of projects without the need for long-distance calls or travel; simply lean over to your neighboring desk and ask the expert programmer if they could help with your business’s website.

Cost Savings

Of course one of the most appealing advantages to a shared office space is the serious difference in price. Especially for new startups or solo entrepreneurs, the profits you make from your work can end up solely covering the rent. With shared office spaces – either a large collection of offices or a single one you share with your so-called coworker – the price of a workspace is split amongst everyone, allowing each worker to benefit from a quality place to work without breaking their individual banks. This not only helps save on costs, but also guarantees each party a much higher level of quality; you’re not just getting what you pay for – you’re getting what everyone is paying for.

A Base to Work From

Many new businesses and solo entrepreneurs struggle with the balance of being cost-effective and presenting themselves as professionals to clients. Clients expect a professional area to meet in, and your living room with your rambunctious dog or the crowded Starbucks café table do little to show off your high-quality services. Yet, the price of a personal office can put a fledgling business under. A shared office space offers the solution, giving professionals a place to meet with clients and work with business partners, but in a way that is highly cost-effective for each person. This new level of professionalism can drive their business through the roof.

You Can Enjoy the Energetic Atmosphere

While privacy is a concern for every professional, we all have an inherent dread of those cubical farms and the dead-eye, when-can-I-go-home look they project onto their employees. Even worse, for solo-entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to summon the focus, the energy, and the encouragement to continue on with your business while stuck alone in your home. A shared office space allows you to balance privacy with energy, and workers of every kind can find themselves surrounded by other professionals who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and ready to get down to business. This offers that same level of excitement to you.

The idea of working in close proximity to someone else is nothing new, but a coworking space in today’s day is much more than that. If you’re looking to start up a new business, move your personal office from that comfy spot on the couch, or revitalize your company’s place in the modern market, choosing a coworking space for yourself or your employees is the best option.

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