5 Reasons Companies Are Allowing Employees to Work Remote

October 07, 2016 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

Working remotely isn’t just the dream of the average joe anymore. Some of the highest level companies around are opting out of offices and into handing their employee a laptop and free reign over their work-site. You’d think this would leave room for disorder, but on the contrary, workers and companies alike are doing better than ever.

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Here are five reasons why working from home is the right choice for you:

1.    Fewer Costs

–       Say Goodbye to Offices

The first drop in a company’s expenses is the most obvious; if all the employees are working remotely, what’s the point of having office space? That’s money saved on rent and utilities. Even more-so, buying all of the equipment is a thing of the past. There’s no need for several computers; office-chair races are sadly gone, but that’s bye-bye cubicles and desks; and that fax machine that just keeps breaking? No need to buy a new one or have it repaired – they can sell all their current equipment and even make money.

–       No Commuting Costs

You may think this is an employee’s problem, but how much a worker commutes also affects the company’s bottom line. The expense and time factors into how much workers expected to be paid and how many benefits they need. However, when working remotely, there’s little need for commuting, so payrolls can be adjusted to reflect this.

2.    Better Work

–       Better Work-Life Balance

It’s hard to keep your head in the game and give your all to a job if there’s trouble at home. Even if life is smooth sailing, working those dedicated hours makes employees feel they’re taking away from their family or being unavailable for friends. They spend less time on work to keep their personal life balanced, or their personal life is out of whack and that affects the quality of their work. Working remotely, however, gives them a chance to hang out with friends during breaks, have lunch or dinner with their family even if they’re working overtime, and create an actual balance in their lives, so they can give their best during business hours.

–       Your Own Hours Mean Your Own Working Style

The nine-to-five grind may work for many, but not for everyone. An employee that works best at night or who loves early mornings can be delivering sub-par work by sticking to the predetermined hours an office demands, but working remotely means managing their own hours. Employees can sleep in and feel energized for work, or stay up late and hit that workload when they’re in their prime, so companies are getting the best out of their workers.

–       Focused and Productive Hours

If there’s nothing to do at the office, that leaves employees to kill time. Working remotely gives them a chance to manage their own time instead, so if there’s nothing to do, they can switch to personal-life mode and enjoy friends, family, or hobbies, which makes them more energized when they do sit down to work. On top of that, when there are tasks to accomplish, they know they’re not waiting out the clock but actually giving their best, providing focus to be the most productive.

3.    Larger Talent Pool

–       The World’s Best Workers Don’t All Live in One City

There are a lot of talented people out there, and not all of them are willing to commute several cities over or upend their life with a move to dedicate those talents to your business. By making remote working a part of a company, businesses are opening themselves up to finding the best people for the job, not just the nearest people.

–       Some People Only Work Remote

With so many benefits to working remotely, there are some professionals who refuse to do anything else. For companies that reject remote work, that means they’re looking at a hugely reduced hiring pool with only the available people to choose from, not the best. However, businesses that embrace it are accessing the widest range of the most skilled people.

4.    Flexibility for Emergencies

–       An Emergency Doesn’t Mean an Hour Drive

When a surprise emergency arrives, companies need their top people working on it. If that means the top people need to get dressed, get in a car, drive their long or short commute to the office, handle it, and then drive all the way back, they’ll find employees a lot less compliant. This especially applies if it’s the weekend or well after work hours. However, working remotely allows them to simply grab their computer and handle the issue wherever they are, taking away the strain and making it more feasible to donate their services in a jam.

–       They’re Grateful for the Benefit, and Will Give Back

Even more-so, if employees are allowed to enjoy the benefits of working remotely, they’ll be more willing to help out when companies need it. They’ve been given greater comfort and ease, so if their boss needs a little extra work here and there, why not give back?

5.    Employee Retention

–       Fewer Family Problems

Eight hours a day at an office is a huge strain when your personal life is unraveling, but working remotely provides the flexibility to handle work and handle life individually, without one taking from the other. So when life becomes too much, workers can put down their laptop and take a breather, instead of being trapped in work-clothes, in an office, surrounded by people they may not like, far away from the trouble at hand, which may eventually make them give up. Working remotely puts them in a manageable environment that allows them to keep on trucking when times get tough.

–       Coworker Clashes? No Problem

No matter how positive a company culture is, there are always those employees who rub each other wrong. In fact, the number one reason most workers quit their jobs is because they hate their manager or colleague. With remote work, that’s not a problem. A few minute Skype meeting or an email chain is plenty of distance to keep irritation to a minimum, allowing them to do their jobs without the temptation to find work elsewhere and escape an uncomfortable situation.

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