5 NYC Deal Blowing Misperceptions About Meeting Space

April 03, 2017 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

It takes this much to blow a deal with a buyer. If you’re a startup, established company in expansion mode, or a sales professional, here’s a tough-love look into the top incorrectly founded beliefs about meeting space in NYC and how they can kill a deal faster than light speed.

Common Fallacies About Meeting Space

Myths About Meeting Space in NYC

Sales success can often be stalled by these popular misconceptions of meeting space.

#1 – Accessibility

It’s easy to get it when you need it. Don’t assume that meeting space grows on trees. Especially if you’re booking in a pinch, don’t be surprised if you find low availability and a long waiting list because your teammates got there first.

#2 – Functional Technology

They all have videoconferencing. You would hope and imagine that in the business capital of the world, conference rooms would come equipped with collaborative technology. Often it’s not the case. Before booking, be sure to ask about this to avoid coming up short when it counts.

#3 – Rigidity

You have to meet in your own building. This tiny little assumption is something big enough to lose a deal over. If you’re a seller of services, don’t make the buyer travel to meet you in your own NYC office space. If they don’t have a place to meet, rent meeting space from a virtual office company or business center closer to where they are. Most workspace companies sell space by the hour at reasonable rates It’s these minute details that show the buyer your attitude is one of service and that their needs come before your own.

#4- Immunity from Hijacking

You’ll end up getting the spot you reserved. It’s a sad fact of life but we’re all human beings and meetings do run over. Nothing looks worse than a potential investor or buyer of your services sidelined in the lobby because somebody else hijacked your meeting time.

#5 – Uniformity

They’re all the same. Aside from the location, location, location tidbit in nugget #3, several factors influence the experience that your prospective client has, all of which contribute just as much to the presentation as your PowerPoint does. First of all, think about what the building looks like when your prospect enters. The edifice says something about your image and contributes to your brand. How does the office staff treat your guests? You want each and every personal interaction to make the buyer feel welcomed and surrounded by positive energy. Is the office space loud and distracting or a quiet peaceful place where top notch professionals do their work? All of these are important to take into account before you pull out the Visa to book the room.

Top Provider of Meeting Space

Corporate Suites is a powerful force behind and an extension of any salesperson’s pitch. With videoconferencing equipped meeting space, we offer hourly rates that are agreeable to most businesses. Availability and conference room pirating aren’t an issue as we have an ample supply of rooms in each of our six locations across the city. Our staff is warm, welcoming, and professional and we’ll make sure that your guests are treated like the million-dollar deal that they are to you, each and every single time.

If you’re ready for a conference room (or even an NYC coworking space) that will help you close the deal, email info@corporatesuites.com.