3 Reasons Why You’ll Love the New 2 Park Avenue

March 02, 2017 / Written by Corporate Suites Staff

New York real estate is always changing and every turn brings a new twist to the world of commercial office space in NYC. Here is what’s new with 2 Park Avenue, a crown jewel of real estate located between 33nd and 33rd streets on the cusp of Midtown South.

Increases Your Brand Value

Every commercial building has a face. As the first impression it makes on your visitors, your building’s lobby plays a key role in your image. You may even go so far as to say that the lobby contributes to your company’s brand. 2 Park Avenue has recently renovated its entryway to feature sleek revolving doors, gilded metal detailing, state of the art turnstiles, and high-speed elevators.  The lobby’s glowing ambiance is sure to impress all who visit you, making you glad you chose this commercial space for rent in NYC.

Trendy Commercial Space for Rent in NYC

The 2 Park Avenue client roster has evolved as well, with decidedly hip designer retail company Gilt Group and high fashion brand Kate Spade locating their principal offices in the building. International non-profit organization American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has found a home here as well. The prestigious law, financial, and insurance companies are now joined by their trendy creative counterparts looking to take advantage of this conveniently located commercial space for rent in NYC.

Midtown South Renaissance

This building’s evolution is part of the Midtown South Renaissance.  TAMI (technology, advertising, media, and information) tenants accounted for over half of the office deals in the area last year. (Bisnow, 2016) Out of all the commercial space for rent in NYC, well-known brands such as Facebook, Google, and Sony have chosen to relocate to this area. (Bisnow, 2016). These famous names will attract retailers wishing to cater to this population, likely driving up the cost per square foot of real estate. It looks like Midtown South is on the uptrend – better get in on the action now!

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