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Virtual Office Space in NYC

Prestigious Manhattan Virtual Office Presence from Anywhere

Does your business require a prestigious NYC business identity?
A virtual office from Corporate Suites is the answer. We offer fully customizable virtual office packages with flexible terms at seven central locations.
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Home Based Business

I need to establish a professional corporate image for my business while keeping costs down and the flexibility to expand services when I am ready. I need a prestigious business address with mail handling and forwarding, a Manhattan phone number with my calls professionally answered and on demand meeting space which will impress my clients.

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Regional Business

I have clients in New York, but do not want to spend on the overhead for a physical office. I need a business address and a 212 phone and fax number to use on my marketing material, and access to professional meeting space on an as needed basis.

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Foreign Based Business

I need to test the Manhattan market for business while keeping initial expenditures low. I need a central address with mail handling and forwarding, 212 phone number with live answering with calls forwarded to me and fax service and on demand meeting and office space to meet my clients.

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Expand your business reach overnight with a Virtual Office

Whether you are a local home-based business or a business headquartered outside of NYC, our virtual office packages can provide your business with a central and prestigious NYC business address with mail handling and forwarding services, 212 phone number and a professional receptionist can answer your phone calls in your business name and 212 fax numbers all of which you can use on your letterhead and business cards.

Virtual Office Features:

  • Prestigious NYC business address
  • Mail handling and forwarding
  • Private 212 Phone Number
  • Private 212 Fax Number with fax to e-mail feature
  • Live telephone answering in your business name
  • Call screening and patching
  • Voicemail with 24-hour remote access with voicemail to e-mail feature
  • Quick, hassle free setup
  • Easy to customize packages

And our services include all the benefits and professional support we offer our full-time office clients. When you are in New York City, "virtual becomes actual" when you meet your clients in our fully equipped conference and meeting rooms or use a private office on an as needed, on-demand basis.

A virtual office is a simple, overnight solution and memberships begin at just $99 / month.


What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a business identity service which provides you with a prestigious New York City business address complete with mail handling and forwarding services, an area code 212 phone and fax number and other virtual office services including access to professional conference rooms. A centrally located business address and a full NYC business identity will enhance your business image, increase your marketing potential and impress your potential and current clients.

Where are Corporate Suites Virtual Offices?

Corporate Suites operates virtual offices from many prominent central Midtown and Downtown New York City locations. A New York City business address is recognized throughout the world for its value and prestige. Considered the financial capital of the world, headquarters to 53 Fortune 500 companies and with world renowned landmarks and business districts, a Manhattan presence provides any business with instant credibility.

What kinds of Virtual Office services are available?

Our professionally trained office staff will provide you with full business support and services. Our virtual offices are packaged with business essentials including mail handling and forwarding, live telephone answering, meeting and office services. Virtual Office services are customizable so that you can determine the perfect level of service which your business requires.

What if I need to meet my clients or access work space?

Each Virtual Office package gives you access to a New York City business center with available on-demand conference rooms, day-offices, "hot desks" and full-time workstations.

How can a Virtual Office help my international business?

A Corporate Suites virtual office allows international businesses to make an affordable, seamless entry into US markets overnight. As an added amenity, we provide all of our international clients with travel support to ensure that your business visit to the US is smooth and successful.


While our years of experience speak volumes, Our Clients say it best.

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The Associates, Tax Firm

"Our virtual office package is very convenient and allows us to use actual office space for three months during the year and "go virtual" after that. We love the building and our office space – they are clean and well appointed and management is very reliable. Our receptionist is always very pleasant and professional when interacting with our clients."

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Robert Lindsey, CRC, and LMHC

"I have been using Corporate Suites to meet my temporary conference room needs for over five years. They have always been able to accommodate me and provide exceptional services even on short notice. It has been a pleasure working with the staff members who are always professional, courteous, and highly responsive. They have my enthusiastic recommendation."